My Weeks 6&7

Another two weeks in my lovely Piyo Diary and thanks to a busy few weeks at work I’ve not been doing all that much.


I’ve not done enough crafting lately so that’s definitely top of the list for next week! I picked up some cute stickers from Artbox the other weekend – meals and food – and that’s where the pizza sticker came from.

I also placed a little Etsy order for some more planner stickers and they arrived this past week.


These are all transparent and look fab in the planner – I’ve started using the date stickers from next month¬†instead of writing the dates in my planner and they look much better.

How have your weeks been?

Em x

Rapesco Diary Hole Punch Take 2

On the back of my poor review of this hole punch a few weeks ago Rapesco got in contact and wanted to send me a new one to use.

Now that’s what I call customer service! Not only were they going to send me a new hole punch but also a couple of other goodies. Given some appalling customer service I’ve received lately thanks to Zatchels (that’s another post for a day when I’ve calmed down. I still haven’t and it’s been weeks.) I was pretty impressed.


What a nice little pile of goodies!

I was excited by the stapler as I’ve been after a good one to experiment on my cards with for a while and this is a nice well built one. The Supaclip intrigued me and is actually a great little item. It’s basically a bulldog clip without the large handles, meaning you can attach lots of sheets of paper (up to 40) and not have a huge clip attached to it, stopping it from lying flat. I can see this being great for putting piles of cardmaking supplies or scrap paper together.

Next I unpacked the hole punch and was dying to try it – the compliments slip said it had been tested before it was sent. And how did it work? I’ll let you judge that…


This was actually on the compliments slip I received. I’ve no idea what on earth I’m doing wrong with the punch. I even got Ed to try it and he got a similar result. I carried on playing with it and got slightly better results on a Project Life card I was itching to put in my Filofax so I’m just going to continue using it for the time being, albeit minimally.¬†One tip I’ve had thanks to a fantastic planning group I’m on on Facebook is to use it on foil a few times to sharpen the blades. This one is better than the original one I received so here’s hoping this little trick helps me get a perfectly working punch!

I have to say that Rapesco have been awesome. They’ve been 100% more helpful than the company I actually bought the original punch from and for that, they’ve gained a loyal customer in me.

What punch do you use for your Filofax?

Em x

Dad and Grandad birthday cards

It’s my dad and grandad’s birthday on the same day and I decided to get nice and ahead with cards this year and do their cards early.

I started with my grandad’s card and wanted to go with something simple but mature. The design I settled on is mixed from an old design I made over a year ago and something I saw on Pinterest.


The papers are from the only slightly masculine looking ones I have, from First Edition. The sentiment I made myself using my Silhouette’s print and cut feature. I do love that font and may just have to make a big batch of sentiments using it just so I have some ready to go. I then added a few buttons to finish it off. I tried putting some twine through them and they looked great but because it was so thick the buttons then wouldn’t stick to the card so I removed it.

Next I moved onto my dad’s card and after ages scratching my head settled on making him a Leeds Utd themed card. Unfortunately that was about the time my printer decided it had a paper jam. Sadly it was a ghost paper jam and no manner of troubleshooting would fix it. So I had to change my design idea and went for another one of his passions – fishing!


The background is My Mind’s Eye, as are the papers used for the fishes. The enamel dots are part Freckled Fawn, part My Mind’s Eye. The woodchip letters are also Freckled Fawn. I wanted to add a sentiment but didn’t want to overload the card so just stamped happy birthday on the inside instead.

Now I’ve got these cards out of the way, I’m going to continue to keep ahead with my card making this year and move onto Mother’s Day.

What do you think?

Em x