About me…

So firstly I must apologise,

This will be a work in progress for the next few weeks or so.

This blog is essentially a way for me to bring together hobbies and passions and will hopefully evolve over time.

Thanks to my job in the health and beauty retail sector, a passion for beauty has really flourished over the years. This has led me to spend a lot of money on products that are either amazing, or a complete waste of money. Hopefully the random reviews I provide when I next have a splurge will help anyone pondering the same purchase.

I’ve been cardmaking again for over a year after a  break of around 7 years. This is my main hobby and i’m hoping to turn it into a money making one very soon. I don’t want to make millions, nor do I believe I will, but i’d like to make enough to justify continued craft purchases. I’m sure for a lot of crafters out there, regular guilt-free craft purchases is the dream?

Finally, my stationery addiction. There’s always been something exciting about perusing the shelves at a stationers and stocking up on beautiful notebooks and pens. After a break from it during university (poor and very small halls of residence don’t really lend themselves to massive collections of anything, besides beer cans) i’m back on it in a big way, thanks largely to the Instagram Filofax community. The people I follow on Instagram never fail to inspire me in a big way every single day. My first proper planner in a good few years (The Grandluxe Executive Portfolio Planner) is arriving next week and I am RIDICULOUSLY excited. No doubt there will be a post about it in due course.

Anyhoo, to wrap up this wall of text: thanks for reading!

I hope this blog proves something that a) I can keep up with and b) is interesting/useful, even if it’s just to one person.

Come find me on Instagram: leedsem

Em x

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