Latest beauty buys

As I have just had a bit of a spurge now would be an appropriate time to do a beauty post.

I don’t really go OTT on my make up. I have my core routine that I do nearly every day. If I have the time or am going out for the evening i’ll add eyeshadow, eyeliner and usually lipstick, but i’m not a false eyelashes and contouring kind of gal. The major reason behind this? I know I’d cock it up. Instead, I invest most of my money, it seems, on my nails. I own the Sensationail Gel Nail kit and while I love it, I do still buy new regular nail colours. My favourite brand is definitely Essie – the brush is fantastic, the pigment usually 10/10 and the best nail colour around for withstanding the abuse I give my hands on a daily basis (my job can be quite hands-on at times).

Essie ‘a cut above’ 

Fantastically festive nail colour. Pink confetti that covers nicely in one coat but will easily build into something pretty fab with two/three coats and a coat of Seche Vite if you’re impatient like me). I love their Christmas colours and I still get comments on last years’s ‘Beyond Cozy’. Aside from looking fabulous, Christmas nail colours are usually pretty fool-proof to apply and are easy to touch up if you chip them. This will be perfect for me this Christmas as it’s the busiest time of year at work but will be dead easy to keep my nails looking tip-top!

Essie's 'A Cut Above'
Essie’s ‘A Cut Above’ after 5 days wear and some touch ups.

No7 Christmas collection

No7 Instant Radiance highlighter and Stay Perfect Shade and Define in black shimmer and gunmetal grey.
No7 Instant Radiance highlighter and Stay Perfect Shade and Define in black shimmer and gunmetal grey.

This is just three of the items in a range that includes nail colour and a blush. Firstly, despite the fact I have a brand new Smashbox highlighter I had to have this one. It’s lovely and the perfect highlighter for all those Christmas parties coming up. Because of the shape of it you can glide it easily onto your cheekbones etc without really needing to blend all that much although I’ve been choosing to work a little product onto my finger and then blending it in.

Me and No7 eye pencils don’t normally get along, and it’s a view I’ve seen repeated many times of most of my favourite blogs. However, these actually go on your eyelids without poking your eye out! Yes, they’re soft enough to be perfectly applied, but hard enough to actually last longer than the time it took to apply your mascara afterwards. As a contact lens wearer I really need something that will last and not interfere and in these I’ve found more to add to the list (in case your wondering, my usual go-to pencils are Rimmel and YSL).

L-R Highlighter, gunmetal grey and black shimmer.
L-R Highlighter, gunmetal grey and black shimmer.

All these were bought in Boots and as all cosmetics are 3 for 2 in there at the moment I got a bit of a bargain!

Essie Nail Colour: £7.99

No7 Highlighter: £9.95

No7 Eye Pencils: £8.00

What was your latest splurge and has it impressed you?

Em x

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