A first for me: a wedding fair

So I’ve been cardmaking again now for a while and definitely want to make some money from it. I know i’ll never be rich from it but enough to cover the cost of buying pretty new things for the hobby guilt free would be perfect.

My friend has just got involved in a direct selling of unique beauty goods and part of income is through recruiting new people to the business. As she’s started this to pay for her wedding she hit upon the idea of going to a wedding fair and talking to future brides about the products and suggesting it as a way to pay for their wedding too. She invited me along a) for support and b) to share the cost of the table so I could bring some cards along to sell. Sure, I said, quietly panicking that i’d never so much as made a wedding card for a friend, let alone anything else and have no intention of ever getting married myself so this was something that really did not float my boat. After some research it became clear that there was a lot that could be done under the ‘wedding’ umbrella: save the dates, invites, table settings and favours to name just a few alongside the usual congratulations and thank you cards. As this was all very new I decided to test the water with some some simple congratulations and thank you cards and see how they did.

Just a few of the cards I made for the fair...
Just a few of the cards I made for the fair…

I’d never put my cards on public display before so I decided to take a selection of all the different kinds of cards I make, to gauge people’s opinions. The plan therefore was simple:

1) See if people like my designs.

2) Scope out what other wedding stationery companies do in terms of packages and pricing.

3) See if there is a market/interest for me do invites and the such.

4) Sell some cards.

My humble set up.
My humble set up.

The day was not what I expected. People obviously weren’t there to buy, they were there to get inspiration, so the selling was out But a lot of people looked at my cards and took business cards, which filled me with confidence. The interesting bit was that there was no one else there selling or displaying wedding stationery. No one. Not a sniff of an invite anywhere, let alone people selling favours or seating placements.

It therefore got me thinking… does everyone just go to Hobbycraft and make their own now or is there a gap in the market around here for someone to do that? Certainly a few people who approached my table were excited to finally find someone with wedding stationery and seemed surprised there wasn’t anyone else there doing it.

I’m hopefully going to receive some emails in the next few weeks from brides to be wanting quotes and the such and I definitely think this is something I should explore more. The opportunities to then develop it further than cardmaking is extremely intriguing. 

What do you think, is wedding stationery now just something you do yourself? And if you have ever sold wedding invites, is there any advice you would give me?

Em x

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