Planning again

I’ve always loved stationery for as long as I can remember. There’s just something about being able to browse the shelves in Partners, Staples etc that I don’t get anywhere else. Thanks to the world of Instagram I’ve had my love of stationery re-affirmed in recent months. Stationery porn. Who knew? 

I wasn’t very organised in university. It kind of fell by the wayside and looking back, had I been better at planning my life I may have gotten even further academically. Now i’m in a ‘proper job’ with an increasing number of extra responsibilities and tasks I find myself really needing to find a way to get organised. I’ve always had a diary but i’m using it more and more recently and quickly realising that my current one does not fulfill my needs.

That’s where the Filofax community came in.

The ways people use their filofaxes is so inspiring and after weeks of compulsively looking at pictures and blogs I knew I had to join in. The big question then was which planner? I think I did more research for this than either of my dissertations and after a couple of weeks I still couldn’t decide. I LOVE the Malden Filofax. It’s beautiful. But it’s expensive and I don’t really like the Filofax inserts. In fact, the more I looked at traditional ring bound inserts in UK shops, the more I realised I didn’t like the majority of them. Even Paperchase let me down, with their poor quality paper. If I were to get the Malden and some inserts I liked from somewhere on the internet it was going to prove very costly. The Malden will therefore be my present to myself Christmas 2014 if I use the planner I finally settled on. It’s a planner I stumbled upon accidentally on a blog post and absolutely fell in love with. But more on that when it arrives…

The real object of this post is to show you some of the stocking up I’ve been doing since I’ve started organising my life.

Everywhere I go now I have to check out the stationery aisle. Or seek out stationery wherever it may be hiding. This has led me to find things in stores I wouldn’t have thought and some pretty cool bargains.

October mini-haul.
October mini-haul.

This little lot from last week is a perfect example of both. The washi, post it notes to the right and the labels at the back were all half price or more at Sainsburys. I can’t remember the exact prices but they were no more than around £4 for all of them. I’m a little bit addicted to washi and was very impressed with this stuff. With the cheaper stuff it can be more like plastic than paper but this stuff is perfect and pattern is printed on very well. I’ll definitely be popping back into Sainsburys for some more supplies. Everything else, surprisingly, is from Clintons! They’ve been branching out into stationery for a while but I’d never seen anything like this before. The push pin sticky and the tag stickies were only a £1 each and the NYC markers were only £1.50. They had a whole tray full of different stickies and different cities in the markers. They seem like really great quality too, which for that price is fab. If you have a Clintons near you i’d definitely check it out.

Any surprising places you’ve found fab stationery? Share below!

Em x

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