The planner arrived!

So I teased you slightly in my last planning themed post, stating i’d set my sights on a planner without giving anymore detail than that. It arrived today and to say I was like a kid at Christmas would be an understatement. It is beautiful and the first planner I saw that would actually meet all my needs!

The Grandluxe Executive Portfolio Planner.

I stumbled across this by accident as it’s not actually on their website. You have to email them to get a hold of the colour options and prices. I was just catching up with www.paperlovestory.comΒ when I found the reviews of the Grandluxe items she’d been sent. Check out the review here.Β 

So I fell in love, sent the emails, eagerly paid my $63 (bargain!) and waited. 3 days. That’s all it took. From Singapore. In fact, I paid on the Friday evening and got my text from DHL on Monday morning to say it was on van. Amazing.


Lovingly bubblewrapped
Lovingly bubblewrapped

After I had calmed down I started unwrapping it. As soon as I saw the colour, I knew I had picked the right one.

A lovely sky blue with matching elastic in three shades of blue. I then opened up the hard but not heavy cover to find the inside.


The beige inside was lovely and soft, it laid flat and had two pockets on the left inside. A ruler and a clear plastic flyleaf completed the front. On the back were one plastic sheet which housed two more pocks and three business card holders (they were hard to show on a camera) and a pen loop.

The inserts were plentiful. A personal info sheet, a calender and full year planners for the next two years, international holidays, coversation tables, dialling codes… and that’s just the beginning. A leave analysis which is fantastic if, like me, you employ people and a financial summary which, again, like me, is great if you love to budget.

The actual day to day sections were what really sold it for me though. The months are split up with tabs and on the cardboard divider there a month planner on one side:


And an expenses summary on the other.


To then complete the Emma box ticking, there is a week on two pages, giving me enough room to have my week at a glance, but also to cram in all my many todo lists and appointments.

It’s A5 in size and all in all really fits my life perfectly. I can’t wait to start decorating *ahem* I mean using it come January.

How will you be planning in January?

Em x

3 thoughts on “The planner arrived!

    1. Sadly it’s not available to purchase the traditional way, you have to email the lovely Danhong from Grandluxe ( and order one through them. If you ask for a colour swatch brochure for the item they send you the dimensions and swatches of available colours and you basically pick which colour and then they send you a paypal invoice. Upon payment it’ll literally get to you within a couple of days. It felt a bit odd just ordering over email but i’ve glad i’m stuck with it!

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