Babyliss Curl Secret – worth the money?

I’m a sucker for a new beauty product, and the more new science/technology it entails, the better.

I very rarely take any notice of new electrical beauty though. I think I’ve become immune to the new because a) they’re expensive and b) they very rarely work. I’ve become very cynical as my hair doesn’t really like doing what it’s told. A new product that was recently released though caught my eye. A member of staff was talking about seeing their hairdresser use this crazy curling tong that sucked the hair up into it and I realised we had something hitting the shelves pretty soon that fitted that description. Turns out, it was the non-pro version of the very same product and I was instantly intrigued as my colleague had spoken very highly of it.

Strange looking thing, isn't it?
Strange looking thing, isn’t it?

So we claimed for one to do in store demos with and I loved it. It seemed so easy to use! So armed with vouchers and discount I took the plunge and bought one. It set me back just over £100. For that money, it better work!

And it did.

It takes some getting used to, and I’ve had some hair-raising experiences with it (sorry about the pun there) but it does actually work. It curls my hair beautifully, from lovely loose curls to tight ringlets. Obviously the more I work my fingers through my hair after curling, the looser it is and I think that’s what I like most about it, it’s so versatile. Obviously if you want really loose waves I don’t think it’s worth spending the money since you’ll spend another 10 minutes afterwards just trying to get the loose look. The main thing I love about this though? The curls stay in my hair all day. To say I have difficult hair is an understandment and the fact that I can curl my hair in the morning and still have it look good at the end of the day is priceless to me. Even with my godlike GHDs and half a can of hairspray the curls just do not want to stay in. But with this? All day. Without product.

I'm not good with selfies.

So this is after twenty minutes, on the lowest setting, with my fingers lightly run through the hair afterwards. No hairspray, no other products, and it looked exactly the same when I got home at the end of the day.

So how does it actually work I hear you ask. Simples. You section your hair as you would normally with a tong and get quite small pieces (I get a flat, inch wide piece of hair) of brushed through knot-free hair, clamp the round bit at the top of the hair (or wherever you want the curl to start) and it sucks up the hair. It’ll do some single beeps while it’s doing it’s thing, and when it’s time to release it does a couple of quick beeps. If you’ve got too much hair, or it’s too knotty, you’ll hear those quick beeps and you’ll just need to release the hair and try again.

It really is pretty easy. But it does take practice as with any electrical beauty product really. Here are my top tips though for perfect curls:

1) Blow dry the hair straight as much as you can.

2) Comb that hair until it’s perfectly knot-free.

3) Don’t try and curl too much hair at once – be patient!

4) If you hair does get stuck in it (and it probably will the first time you use it) don’t panic. Just slowly unwind the hair, brush it, and try again with a smaller piece.

So yes, to answer my original question, it is worth the money in my humble opinion. Unless of course, like me, after the tireless pursuit of perfect curls your lovely boyfriend decides to tell you he prefers you with straight hair… [I guess the upside is that when my GHDs blow up again I’ve got some leverage to get another pair out of him. ha.]

Have you tried the Curl Secret? What did you think?

Em x

4 thoughts on “Babyliss Curl Secret – worth the money?

      1. Would be manufactured and then rebranded by the different companies I’d imagine. Like the Coastal Scents 88 Palettes (if you’ve heard of them). Makes no difference to me, if the product is amazing! And the curl secret sure is!!

      2. It really is! I guess when you invent something cool like that it’s cheaper just to sell to different brands to market and sell.

        I hadn’t heard of that… but now I really want one!

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