Setting up an Etsy shop

As part of me attempting to fund my crafty hobbies I’ve been exploring the opportunities to sell my cards. 

This is all very new for me. I’m used to running a high street chain shop, not selling my handmade creations through the internet or rocking up to fairs with a little table and some decorations. My usual selling strategies were not going to work here.

My Etsy shop

I actually created this shop months ago and never really got round to doing much about it. I then received an email from Hobbycraft offering me 20 free listings and so thought now would be as good a time as any to set up the shop. It looks all very basic still and I still have yet to persuade my other half to make me a banner and logo etc (he’s more skilled with pens than I am) but hopefully there’s enough of a taster on there to get people interested in what I make. And if people buy my cards? Great, I’ll make more! If not, then I’ll just stick to blogging.

All feedback on the cards and/or shop is very welcome!

If you’re tempted to get onto Etsy and sell your handmade goods then use to get 40 free listings (each listing either lasts until it sells or four months, whichever comes first) in your shop. You then just pay 3.5% of the selling price to Etsy when each item sells.

I like Etsy. For me this should hopefully be a more efficient way to sell my cards. I don’t really have the time to maintain my own site or be sending Paypal invoices, so this definitely seems to be the safe option for now. I’m also in the process of obtaining to make promotion of the shop that bit easier. It’ll also make the business cards a little less wordy as sadly the URL you get from Etsy doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Do you sell your crafty makes? How are you finding the process?

Em x

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