November hauls

I’m back! I awoke to a working WP! So without further ado, I’m back to blogging – enjoy!

This past month I’ve really been trying to be good at the whole not buying loads of planning stuff just because I’m excited to start using my new planner in Jan.

And I’ve actually not been too bad. I’ve actually managed to limit myself to the odd thing here and there in between Christmas present buying.

See, I have been good!

So I’m starting to really love eBay again. The funky post its/stickies are all sourced from eBay for 99p each and free P&P. They took two weeks to arrive but for a £1 do you really mind?? The cat ones on the right aren’t amazing quality but the face ones on the left and the animal ones at the front are so cute I can’t wait to start using them!


This may not be a new thing but I was very happy when I discovered this with the fishy stickies:

IMG_1531You can’t tell very well but basically they have an extra back cover so I can tuck the stickies into the back of my planner – perfect for keeping my diary looking cute if I’m not necessarily at my desk – love it!

The stickers at the back (and spread out at the front) are just some more I picked up from Sainsbury’s – £1.50. They’re cute owl and cat designs and as i’m a sucker for anything with owls on, I had to have them!

Looks very Paperchase, no?
Looks very Paperchase, no?


The washis were a nice find – M&S of all places! £5 for three and in their 3 for 2 as well. A bonus is they’re of a good quality too which you don’t always get when you buy them in a random place. One is silver stars, another is silver with white dots and the last is a grey with ‘Merry Christmas’ in white written across it. Very cute!


Finally – an owl pen! I obviously needed a nice new pen to go with my nice new planner and when I saw this cute owl one that matched the colour of my planner I couldn’t say no! It’s part of Boots’ Cute or What Christmas range and costs £8. If you like owls, it’s probably worth checking out the range!

And that’s it – I’ve been fairly good this month, no?

What treats for your planner did you buy in November?

Em x


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