Cardmaking for men

I hate making cards for men.

I know I’m not alone on this one!

I try and avoid it as much as possible but when people ask you for cards, it’s difficult to say no. As it stands I’ve now made three cards for my grandad’s upcoming 80th birthday (annoyingly, I didn’t take a picture of one) and I keep trying different things but nothing has ever sat right with me so far. I don’t know whether I just feel more comfortable with flowers and butterflies or what but I’ve not found my male card mojo yet!

Fathers day


So this was my first foray in male cards. I don’t mind it… but I think it’s a little dark, what with all the browns. I think I’ll probably try this design again at some point, but just try and lighten the main colour a little. Green perhaps?

Grandad birthday card No1


Again with the brown! It seems I associate men with brown, no idea why. Anyway, this was just so basic but I still found it cute, particularly with the polka dots. Another design to try again later.

Grandad birthday card No3


Less brown! But also bad light, my apologies. All in all this is much brighter card and I kinda like it. I found the flag on the Silhouette store and basically just used 3d foam pads and added string, little gems and a ribbon. I die cut a sentiment and added a silver ‘grandad’ in the bottom left hand corner but you can’t really see it that well.

I find it a bit of an odd, unusual card, but I think I’ll give it another whirl next time I need to do a male birthday card. And the next card I need to do? My teenage younger brother. Should be fun…

How do you do cards for men? What do you use for inspiration?

Em x

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