Signing up to Birchbox

I don’t want to make this another ‘here’s what I got in my box’ post as now we’re in to December, November’s box is pretty much old news.

I kind of wanted to come at it from another angle; why I signed up, how I found the signing up process and conclusions as to whether I’ll keep my subscription. I will touch on the products, but only briefly to mark my stand out items from the box.

Why a beauty box when you’re not very adventurous, beauty-wise?

That’s precisely why; I stick to what I know and what lands under my nose at work and so don’t really ‘discover’ anything new, unless I find it on a blog, and even then, because I haven’t tried the product or know the person recommending it, I find it hard to actually then go out and buy the product. A beauty box is perfect for me. It makes me try new products with minimal effort on my part (perfect!) and it would provide great consistent material for here.

Why Birchbox?

After plenty of research online and see people’s posts about what they got in November and previous months, it had to be Birchbox. All boxes are a bit of a roulette but Birchbox just seemed to be consistently the best value.

How was signing up and delivery?

Signing up, great, but almost a week after I paid my money I still hadn’t had an email to confirm my box was in the post. I had to email them and chase it to be told it must be lost in my spam folder and that it was definitely on the way ( I had checked my spam, i’m not a total noob). A few days later it arrived all beautifully packaged.

It's a box inside a box! With a bag inside the box!
It’s a box inside a box! With a bag inside the box!

I then qualified for a free gift for signing up ‘November Trio’ but I’ve had to query when this will arrive as once again I’ve not heard anything. I’m probably nagging them but I’m not used to all this lack of communication and slow dispatch times.

About my box


First off, I love the perfume! It’s not my usual kind of scent, as I tend to go for strong, fruity fragrances, but I really like it!

I was so relieved not to get the Weleda shampoo and instead got a citrus body wash which smells fab – I’m very excited to use this. For my haircare product I got Beauty Protector protect and detangle leave in conditioner. I love this! And will definitely be buying it when I run out of my Aussie leave in conditioner. It did actually detangle my hair and left it soft and smelling amazing – even after using the dryer and GHDs on them! It’s a heat protector too so while it is £15 it would cut me down from two products to one which is always a winner for me (too many products make me late for work!)

The highlighter is of a kind I’ve not tried before and due to the colour of it I’ve actually been mainly using it on my dark circles. I like it. It gives a nice effect and helps cover them up. Sadly, like all under eye make up (on me) though, it just does not last on me. As a secondary use though, I’ve been using it on my brow bone, and I’m liking the effect. It’s much more subtle than my usual liquid highlighters. In a good way.

The tea is delicious. I actually bought the elderberry one today – two boxes for £3 in my local health food store.

Everything else, I’ve not tried yet, but I am very keen to try the Laura Mercier mascara as I’ve never used any of her products before.

So, keeping the subscription?

In a word, yes. The value is great, the packaging has great re-use value and the products I got in this box make it worthwhile to me. What I’m going to do is ‘gift’ myself a 6 month subscription as the Limited Edition Christmas Gift box is fantastic and worth the subscription price on it’s own! Let’s just hope it arrives 😉

Anything else to add?

The cards you get in the box are cute, but I didn’t find myself reading them too closely. The points system is fantastic – another box (you get points for each box you get) and month’s worth of reviews (you’re asked to review all the products and get points per review) and I might just have enough to get the leave in conditioner spray! Hopefully, the communication/delivery issue won’t be a problem when I’m getting a regular delivery so I’m just going to buy the 6 months and keep you posted!

Are you signed up to any beauty/lifestyle boxes? What’s been your favourite?

Em x

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