Cardmaking is now up and running!

At last!

After a flurry of emails and much back and forth between myself and my domain hosts, my domain is finally up and running! If you were to go to you would then be redirected to my Etsy shop! Finally the business cards that went out into the world a few weeks ago are relevant!

For anyone wishing to do the same let this be a cautionary tale; because of the frames Etsy uses some domain hosting companies will try and sting you to pay a yearly fee not only for the domain itself, but then the ability to redirect to sites such as Etsy. I used UK2 and ran into this issue, but from research on Etsy this isn’t the same for all companies it seems. Thanks to an extremely helpful member of UK2’s tech support, I was able to get the redirect up and running this evening without having to fork out more money but I doubt this would be case in all situations.

Basically, if you want your own domain name for the purposes of redirection to Etsy, then do your research! I didn’t, and it seems I’m not the only one who’s made this mistake after browsing the Etsy forums. I just went with the cheapest place and learnt my lesson! I’m not quite sure how much benefit the domain will be to my shop but the one Etsy gave me for my shop didn’t exactly roll off the tongue so at least in terms of getting my shop out there, it should be simpler for potential customers.

After all this faffing about my other half is trying to persuade me to build my own website/shop and not use a third party at all. I think that would prove expensive and problematic. Thoughts, anyone?

Em x

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