Decorating 2014!

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m quite excited to get my planner up and running in 2014. So much so that I’ve started decorating it already in preparation.

I have an idea of how I’m going to use the planner, system-wise, but I know it will evolve over time as this will be the first time I’ve really combined all aspects of my life into one planner. I have some colour coding set up but I’ll go into more detail with that after I’ve started using it. For now, I just wanted to show what I’ve done so far/get some feedback.


So for the month I’ve gone for some simple washi tape at the start and end to bookend the month and that will pretty much be it for decoration. I’ll be using these monthly planners just to highlight birthdays, holidays and important events to serve as a quick thing to look over when I get invited to something so I won’t be spending too much time prettifying them. As an aside, I’ve no idea how the pages got that random crease on the left hand side but it’s really annoying me!


Sorry for the blurry picture! My love of owls strikes again! The weeks again will be primarily washi (love that stuff). As well as for decoration I’ll be using it to divide up my weekdays, the left hand side for my work hours, appointments and my ‘home’ stuff (tracking gym visits and the such) and the right hand side for my work todo lists. At this stage I’ll be just handwriting the lists (resisting hunting down the Muji list stamp). Aside from a couple of stickers I’ll be leaving it quite simple until the week itself when I’m sure it’ll end up covered in stickies and the such.


As you can see I’m attempting colour themes… Perfect excuse to buy lots of matching goodies! I love having the little butterfly stickers at the top of the washi, I think that’s something I’ll continue.

The one drawback to this planner, as discussed already in my review post is the poor ruler. It really doesn’t do a great job of marking the current week. I guess if it were ring bound I could put dividers and flyleaves in quite easily. I therefore needed an alternative. Avery repositionable tabs provided a solution.


As well as this one which I’ll move each week I’ve got them on key parts of the planner that I’ll need to get to quickly, such as my expenses and holiday planner. Although as I mentioned over the weekend I am planning to have a play with the Silhouette at some point to see what I can rustle up for the permanent page markers.

What do you think so far?

Em x

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