December Birchbox

Month two with Birchbox!

If I carry on with Birchbox my storage solutions are going to end up verrrry pretty. I may attempt covering some of the boxes I accumulate or something at some point. Stay tuned!

Before I digress into re-purposing what the actual products came in, I’ll move onto my items this month.

L-R Number 4 non-aerosol hairspray; Lamilou exfoliating gel; Alima Pure eyeshadow; Sin-Care party girl serum; Nail Rock glitter and Twistband.
L-R: Number 4 non-aerosol hairspray; Lamilou exfoliating gel; Alima Pure eyeshadow; Sin-Care party girl serum; Nail Rock glitter and Twistband.

While it certainly looks more than last month’s offerings, I have to say I was rather underwhelmed.

Hairspray. I’m not a huge user of hairspray and so I’m not scrambling to try this but anything that doesn’t choke my other half will be a nice change for him. I normally just buy a small can of Boots Essentials hairspray and that does the trick just fine for me. 

Exfoliating gel. I’m currently using a Burts Bees exfoliating wash and really like it so this hasn’t been brought into the shower just yet. My only comment would be that it smells like bathroom handwash. Hmm.

Eyeshadow. Nice colour, but not dissimilar to one from my Urban Decay Naked palette. I’m not a fan of loose powder eyeshadows as they’re by and large quite messy as you generally only need a small amount, and I apply my eyeshadow using my fingertips. I liked the finish, and while it didn’t fold throughout the day, it did get fade and so when I got home at the end of the day it barely looked like I had anything on. Maybe I didn’t apply enough, but I’m in no rush to try it again just yet.

Party girl serum. This I was most excited about. Sin-Care has a neat little idea, serums to help mask when you’ve been naughty (too much drink, too little sleep etc, they have a whole range). However, as I use Instant Radiance No7 foundation, a highlighter and the Bourgois highlighting powder I’m a bit concerned it won’t really have much effect. I think this would work well on a make up free day, to make me look a little less washed out.

Nail Rock. You can get textured nail polish almost everywhere now so I’m a little confused as to this product’s place in the market. Especially given the 20 minute drying time it recommends. This looks like a messy job and my nails are currently uber short and so this will be put aside until I have the time and the length!

Twistband. Nice idea. Very nice idea. As someone with weak hair and a penchant for wearing hair ties on my wrist this is intriguing. It certainly lives up to the promise of not completely wreaking my hair although it doesn’t really feel like a study pony but I guess that’s the price you pay for not broken hair. It did leave a line around my hair at the end of the day, but much less than with a traditional hair tie. It looks a little strange on my wrist but I think that’s something I could get used to, especially since it doesn’t cut off the circulation to my wrist. This is a repurchase contender for definite.

So overall not amazed. But it’s nice to have some new random things to try. I guess this is just the risk you take with Birchbox and while not everything was something I wanted I still believe I got my money’s worth.

Did you like this month’s box?

Em x

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