December planning buys

I’m fairly certain that for every Christmas present I’ve bought, I’ve bought myself a treat too.

I’ve been pretty frugal though, and found some pretty nice bargains on eBay so I’m not feeling too guilty!


I just wanted some extra bits to finish my planning and had tried to buy the washi tapes before but things get messy on eBay so I gave up. I found these again on eBay for less than £3 with free shipping. The tapes themselves are small but I wasn’t expecting too much for the money. The stamps were £5 again with free shipping. I haven’t tried them yet but the rubber part of the stamp looks pretty good quality, but the complete stamps themselves don’t look amazing in terms of how well made they are. Finally, the pencil case was just something cute I saw for £1 (again, free shipping!) Ebay is pretty nifty for cheap planning supplies, particularly if you don’t mind waiting three weeks or so for them to arrive.

As you’ve probably noticed, I caved and bought the notebook to match the pen I bought last month. Nice hardback notebook, with pretty good quality pink paper inside that carries on the front design. Not great for serious work meetings but I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it.

Finally, the Avery tabs I’ve already mentioned in a previous post and the my lovely new iPad case!


This isn’t planning related, I know, but it is a momentous occasion. After a YEAR of having my iPad Mini I’ve finally found a case that was a) pretty and b) didn’t look like it would fall apart after two minutes. The best bit was it was half price in WH Smith for only £15. Yay!

What have you been buying this month?

Em x

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