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Fallout inspired Christmas Card

Hello! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

To get back into the swing of things, here is the Christmas card I made my other half, which I mentioned a few weeks back.

Ever since I started cardmaking he has been asking for a Fallout themed card and when I discovered the print and cut element to my Silhouette machine, I knew I finally had the perfect tool to create one!


Now I have made it I can think of a hundred ways to improve it, but I am quite proud of it.

So how’d I do it?

1) The background paper is my favourite, Papermania Spots and Stripes festive. The simple lines were a perfect background for my Pip Boy.

2) What is a Pip Boy I hear you ask? Well from what I gather watching the Mr play Fallout series, he is a computer on your wrist and you use him to set up your weaponry, clothing, and everything like that. Basically he is the ‘menu’ of the game I think. And he’s pretty cool. Anyway, I found the image on google and copied and pasted the image into the Silhouette program. From there I was able to get the outline of the image (luckily it had an all white background so I didn’t have to mess about getting rid out that) using the ‘trace’ function. This line is what the Silhouette was to cut out. I then added ‘registration marks’ which were what the Silhouette used to know where to cut. I then simply chose the print and cut function, print out the image with registration marks and then sent it through the Silhouette. The only difference with this compared to regular cut is that it has to ‘find’ the registration marks. But if it doesn’t, you can just manually move the blade to the reg mark and it will work out where to cut.

You can get print and cut files in the Silhouette store, as well as doing it yourself. One of my favourite birthday cards was using a print and cut file:


These dolls were super cute but I found my moving of the blade to find the reg mark was extremely important and if you’re just a little out, you can end up with a small amount cut off the image (no biggie really) but then at the opposite side a white border (not too easily missed).

3) As it was Christmas I couldn’t resist a Santa hat. I just found my Penguin Silhouette file (as seen in my Christmas has begun post) and made it Pip Boy size.

4) Finally the speech bubble was just another cut file I already had, layered up. The really nice bit is that the font used is the one from the actual game. Found at da font it was easy to download and install and finishes off the card nicely!

So yeah, pretty happy with this, and so was he Christmas morning! I think if I were to do it again I’d add his name in the speech bubble and do more with the background and make it more in keeping with the game which is of a dystopian wasteland.

Maybe next year!

What was your favourite Christmas card this year?

Em x

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