FAST Shampoo and Conditioner part two

Happy New Year!

As you saw just over a month ago, fed up of willing my hair to grow, I decided to invest in a haircare regime that claims to do just that.

As promised in part one I’ve come back after (just over) a month of use to give my impressions.

I like it.

But has my hair grown?

Meh, not really.

I’ll let you be my second opinion. Here’s the before and after shots.


Much growth? No, didn’t think so.

So this isn’t exactly scientific, my hair is just blow dried in both and would have been better straightened to really see results and I’m not the same distance away from the smudgy mirror in both pics but I think we can all agree that after a month of usage, there’s not much to sing about. In fact, if I look at the pics long enough, I’m fairly certain it looks shorter now.

That’s the annoying, processed extra short side of my hair, so maybe my ‘normal’ side looks better?

Again, before.
Again, before.

This side looks slightly better, like it has actually grown, or maybe I’m just willing it have worked?

Okay, so I’m not going to write this off just yet. I bought a second pack as I know better than the judge the results of something like this so quickly (and the product’s own studies were results given after 42 days of use). I used the whole of the first set in a month, so you’re looking at £25 a month for longer hair if it works and so after this month pack I think I really will need to see some better results before further investment.


To kind of defend the product slightly, it does say on their website that it will make your hair grow 99% more than it usually does and so for someone like me, who doesn’t have fast growing hair I’m not going to see amazing results like the 2 inches a month mentioned on their site, but without tracking how much my hair grew before using the product, this would be very difficult for me to judge.

In addition, it still makes my hair feel amazing. Even after a month of use and in this awful hard water area I currently live in, this is actually a bit of a miracle. A worth £25 miracle? Um, I’ll get back to you on that. But maybe it’s spent the first few weeks just nourishing my hair and getting it in better condition generally to enable it to grow? Only time will tell I guess on that one.

So unfortunately, no concrete opinions as yet other than ‘yay my hair doesn’t feel like straw anymore’. I’m still frustrated at the lack of instructions on the box or bottle in terms of recommended frequency of usage but they are on their website (daily use of both products) – I guess they assume people look up their website before purchasing.

Are you intrigued to try yet?

Em x

4 thoughts on “FAST Shampoo and Conditioner part two

  1. I remember my hairdresser telling me that hair only grows at a rate of about 1cm per month, so I suppose it is mostly a waiting game.
    My sisters have also had problems growing their hair, but they used Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment – they were pretty happy with it and it’s a fraction of the cost!

    1. I think so sadly, although the past few days (I wrote this last week) I feel like I’m starting to see a difference, but whether that’s growth I would have had anyway is anyone’s guess.

      I used to use that! I loved it when I lived up in Manchester and it did work (in my opinion) but since I’ve moved down South to a hard water area I was getting zero results from it. I’ve still got a completely unopened pot still gathering dust in my bathroom. 😦

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