Another 2014 resolutions post…

As if you needed to read another one, huh?

But I’m a firm believer in if you make your resolutions public, then you’re more likely to stick to them. And this will provide the perfect means to reflect on my 2014 achievements on the 1st Jan 2015. Fingers crossed you completed it all, future me!

There was a general theme when I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2014. I’m not usually big on making grand plans at the turn of midnight but for some reason this year I felt motivated to make some changes to really get the most out of my life.

I want this year to be me at my best. In the best of health (and beauty tied in with that), happiest, and progressing my career.


This was the first thing I thought of and have had in my mind for a while now. I’ve never been a massively healthy eater but I was pretty good and looked after myself generally but since moving in with the other half I’ve left myself slip. My beauty regime could probably do with an overhaul – it’s sporadic at best – usually only when I’m trying out a new product. I’ve therefore set myself some daily, weekly and three times a weekly goals to hopefully get me looking and feeling my best.


1) Take my vitamins (various ones including a skin, hair and nails supplement and vitamin b for energy).

2) Drink two litres of water.

3) Use body moisturiser.

4) Bio oil my lovely stretch marks (never gained/lost weight rapidly, or had a child, it’s a real bug bear that I have these).

5) Use a night cream.

Three times a week:

1) Exercise. Can be a mix of gym, running, squash or a workout at home.

2) Use a face treatment (mask, pore strips or an exfoliator).


1) Full manicure

2) Full pedicure

I may add more as I go through the year.


This one is a little less prescriptive than the health and beauty side of it but I’m happy with that as I think if you start giving yourself strict objectives when it comes to happiness it just defeats the object really. A lot of it is just around my motivation and stopping myself from being what I think is quite lazy sometimes. It’s pretty much just keeping up to date with life in general really and not falling behind with the household chores leading to me having to spend a whole day off just straightening up the flat. Then there’s the creative side of me and ensuring that I keep trying to make cardmaking a way to make a little extra money and pursue other crafty projects on the back of that – I’d love to be able to make everyone in my family some lovely handmade gifts next Christmas.


This isn’t really developed all that much as I do feel a little in limbo almost until the other half finishes his PhD and I’m okay with that. I’m really enjoying where I’m at at the moment and look forward to spending another good few months making the store the best it can be. I guess this is more around me preparing for my next step – and preparing for that not to be with the same company. So I guess the action/resolution here will be to get my CV prepped and ready and keep a cursory glance on the jobs market to get an idea of what’s going on out there while ensuring I’m still professionally developing in my current role.

Phew! Putting it down in black and white it looks like quite a lot, but I feel satisfied it’s all things that a) I can accomplish and b) will lead me to feel like I’ve been at my best in 2014!

So, over to you… any resolutions or is it just a waste of time?

Em x

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