John Frieda Salon Shine Hairdryer review

My trusty Mark Hill hairdryer went pop. *sad face*

I say trusty because it was nice to my hair, it sadly only lasted around 9 months so I decided I’d exchange it for an upgrade. Thankfully I had an old Phillips hairdryer that had served me well over the years lying around so I could take a few days to decide on which replacement I wanted.

I knew I didn’t want another Mark Hill and after browsing it came down to just two; the John Frieda Salon Shine and the Panasonic Nanoe which had caught my eye a few months ago, but I didn’t really have much need for another hairstyling product.

The Nanoe

Sounded all very snazzy and had a 5 star rating on but a few blog reviews concerned me. BeautygeekUK  said it made her hair greasy which as someone with greasy hair anyway (have to wash it every day without fail) made me want to run a mile. She did offer up that it could be due to her pregnancy hormones so I looked elsewhere. Unfortunately I can’t for the life of me remember the blog, or find it on my history but this one was a 90% positive review. The only natch was that they said as soon as their hair came into contact with humid conditions or moisture then their hair would frizz up. For the £70 the hairdryer currently is I needed more persuasion than I was clearly going to to get.

John Frieda

I was mulling over the £70 hairdryer when a colleague proffered up the John Frieda. She said she wanted it as it makes your hair less frizzy. I was instantly intrigued. It only had four stars on but based on three times as many reviews as the Nanoe. It was also a lot cheaper. It’s original price was £60 and was down to £29 as an ‘offer of the week’. Tight Northerner that I am, I was very intrigued now. There wasn’t a huge amount of reviews online, potentially because it was exclusive to Boots but I decided to give it a whirl. The difference between this and the exchanged Mark Hill was only around £5 so I figured it was less of a risk monetary wise.

So what do you get?


Well, not a lot really. This is it. But i’m not too fussed about millions of fancy nozzles. One that will help me straighten it and cut down on GHD use is all I really need. That diffuser is HUGE and I haven’t tried it as yet.

It has three heat settings and two power settings. I tend to use it on the highest heat setting and lowest power because it doesn’t feel that hot (in a good way) and I tend to go for heat over power (this is probably the opposite of what you’re supposed to do).

The pros

Great for blow drying my hair straight and leaving me free from the GHDs sometimes.

Doesn’t burn me when holding brushes in front/near it.

Easy to use and the heat/power buttons aren’t in a stupid place where they’ll get knocked a lot.

Comes with a five year guarantee, wowsers.

Nice long cord for those of us with a mirror miles away from a plug socket.

The cons

I could probably do with a bit more blow drying skill as sometimes this has actually dried my hair too straight, leaving me needing to straighten anyway.

Doesn’t really make my hair any less frizzy than my old Mark Hill hairdryer.

Really quite noisy. That in itself doesn’t bother me. My other half however…

So all in all, not a bad purchase. I’ll be interested to see what it’s like next time I visit the North with its soft water as I know this place has a lot to do with how sleek my hair is and I’ve learnt to accept that now so here’s hoping up there my hair will be perfectly frizz free with this machine!

Do you have this, or the Panasonic Nanoe, what did you think?

Em x

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