Review: Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills

During the annoying week of WordPress being down I was approached and asked to review a book as given the subject matter it was something I knew rather a lot about: life in a dispensary.

It’s not just counting tablets you know.

Well okay maybe it is. But there’s also the delightful patients, creating the perfect cup of tea, and trying to keep a straight face when asked for something incredibly embarrassing by someone old enough to be your grandmother. It’s not all good fun though, there’s the pressure of countless targets, rude patients when their doctor has screwed up their prescription, and the panic of a pharmacist who can’t balance his CD cabinet.

If like me you work in a pharmacy book about the trials and tribulations of working in a pharmacy will either be your worst nightmare or some welcome light relief.

Thankfully, this is the latter.

Mr Dispenser is a pharmacist with a successful blog  and amusing twitter account. I became acquainted with him through twitter and find his pharmacy humour to be funny, without being overtly insulting to multiples or those who work for them (think Lloyds, Boots etc). He decided to take his blog and with a little help from some friends turned it into a book of light relief on the subject of the daily pharmacy slog.

And the result?

An amusing book that even after the most stressful of days in work won’t make you want to slit your wrists because it reminds you of the horror of the day. In fact in probably does the opposite. I picked this up in the evenings after both fantastic days and hideous ones and it gave me the same reaction: laughter. I guess this was my biggest fear with this book, that I wouldn’t be able to read it some days as it reminded me too much of work. But it was so set apart from the awful trials and tribulations that you can sometimes get that aside from the odd moment of ‘oh God, that happened to us last week’ it was just a joy to read. It was a bit silly in places but it had some fantastic stories in it that I frequently regaled my team with the following morning (the Joy Rides story being one that stuck in my mind when I was shoving my pre-reg onto the healthcare counter for a day).

For those who don’t really know how pharmacy works, this probably won’t be your greatest introduction into what we do but for those that do it would be a lovely light read for a quiet weekend or holiday. This would also make a nice gift for someone you know working in pharmacy. In fact my pre-reg has already expressed dismay at my getting a free copy so I think when she passes her exams next year she can have one!

Below is the link to get hold of the book (both paperback and Kindle), where 5%  of the proceeds are being donated to Pharmacist Support. While I did get given this by the author (and a copy of the second book which i’ll review in a few weeks) I don’t believe it affected my review in any way.

Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills on Amazon

Have you read this, what did you think?

Em x

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