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My craft space

I love having a nosey around people’s craft spaces. I’m usually very jealous of other people’s set ups. I finally pretty much got my set up sorted and so thought I’d share it here!

I’m content at the moment in terms of my storage and arrangement of it all. I’m lucky that I have a spare room in my flat that my other half and I share as a hobby room. He’s a very creative person and he can usually be found making video games, using his 3d printer or messing around with electronics and so we’re quite lucky that we can both spend our evenings in here, crating together. We have a large Ikea desk each, set out in an L shape so that we’re pretty much next to each other and share a 4×4 Ikea cube. As I’m all about stationery and organising, you can probably imagine my side is little neater than his.

The desk

20140109-160324.jpgSo this is the main area of my desk. On the right out of shot is my laptop, craft mat and Silhouette. This is the storage area and the empty space in front is either where my planner lives or the cards I’m currently working on get put together, depending on what I’m doing.

I love Orla Kiely. I remember seeing her bags when I went to London for the first time when I was 18 and fell in love. Over the years I’ve slowly built a small collection of her items. My favourite is always the items in her ‘etc’ line and I’m gutted that you can’t get her range for Target in this country. The book was a Christmas present and is just beautiful. So many lovely pictures for someone who’s favourite TV shows are usually property ones.

The little heart shaped plate was picked up in the sales from Boots and generally has ink pads or washi on it from when I’ve been decorating. The pen holder is of the NYC skyline and was a present from Muji. I love Muji… I think the Muji in the Selfridges is one of the biggest things I miss about living in Manchester! My favourite pens, pencils and paper clips live in there.

20140109-160313.jpgThe magazine page basket is from Tiger and it hides all my stickers, my diary stamps, Frixion pens (in the pencil case) and whatever washi I use most in my planner (the rest is kept elsewhere).

20140109-160303.jpgThis is probably my favouite bit. This Ikea tray houses all my stickies, notebooks and page markers. It’s currently also home to my next book to read, The Day of the Triffids. I think as my sticky collection keeps growing I may have to find an alternative home for my notebooks.


This guy is so cute. Another Christmas present. He opens up and has hand moisturiser inside! Which is a neat little idea and handy for someone like me who has horrible dry hands. The pen holder behind him holds my scissors and Sharpies and came from Ikea.

The cube


This is basically where all my cardmaking supplies are kept. I love boxes, the prettier the better, and so most of the storage on the right hand side is just boxes… half purpose bought, the rest, other things came in them and I just reused (Orla Kiely bedding comes in beautiful A4 size boxes that are super sturdy). The left hand size is all my drawers, either from Muji or Ikea. The wooden ones hold everything from glues to embellishments and the plastic ones hold card stock, blank cards, envelopes, and all my Christmas crafting supplies. Next to them is where I keep all my old cardmaking magazines for when I need some inspiration. I will think of a way to put them altogether, either in files or scrapbooks to make it easier to find projects some time soon.

The red drawers, again from Ikea keep my paper stock and embellishments, arranged into range so it’s easy to put together a complete project.

There’s obviously lots more storage, like for my stamps, smaller embellishments and promarkers etc but I fear I may bore you if I show you everything! I like my ever growing area, it’s a mish mash of styles but I like being able to pick random things up on shopping trips and not be limited to keeping to a certain style… I guess that’s probably because I myself don’t keep to just one style ever.

How do you keep your stashes tidy and organised?

Em x




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