My week #2

Here we are, week 2! It was last week of work before a week off it it was all about getting ahead of myself so there was a little less decoration than the week before.

It was also the work the rest of my resolutions kicked in, primarily the gym. As you can see, I only managed it once due to being ill on my day off and not having an alternative day free to go. I’m going to try really hard this year though not to beat myself up if I don’t. It’s just going be a case of ‘okay, but i’ll make sure I go twice next week.’

A proper sized picture at last!

I decided to track the weather each day since I have the cute Happy Day diary stamp set because in retail, knowing what the weather was like a year ago can be a good way of explaining why your sales are up/down year on year. The phrases in pink are reminders of what that day’s #fflovephotoaday is which I’m taking part in on Instagram, despite not strictly having a Filofax.

Aside from the stamp set I used a lot of the same items as last week:

– Frixion pens and my trusty G2

– Do Crafts Papermania Spots and Stripes Festive washi tape (love it and a really nice quality).

– The tape used underneath ‘gym’ is from Paperchase set that came with a mini tape dispenser too. They have cute designs but their quality isn’t all that.

– The larger stickers are from an Ikea set I picked up a few months ago, the little owl is from an owl stationery range John Lewis have and the little bunny you can just about see in Thursday is from Paperchase.

– The index post it is from eBay for a bargain 99p for a pack and the oval one is from My Stationery that I picked up in Clintons, but I went back there this week and they don’t do any cute post its anymore sadly. In fact they seemed to be getting rid of all their stationery in the sale. Shame.

So next week is my week off. Since I primarily use my planner for work, it’ll be interesting to see how I utilise it when I’m not there.

How was your week?

Em x

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