New birthday cards (and a love affair with bows)

So it’s been a while since I’ve done some cardmaking. I got all wrapped up in my planner as my crafty outlet and just put the cards aside for a while. Part of my plan for my week off was to make some cards and as my mother just messaged me to send her some it was the perfect reason.

Bows. I love them. But I can’t make them. I just don’t have the hand eye coordination it seems. So I generally get the premade kind but they all tend to be a bit small. I really wanted to make a card that had a bow as it’s focal point. I then started following a very talented card maker on Instagram, LittlePaperStand. Check out her shop here. Her card/paper bows were beautiful and she told me the name of the die she uses (Simon Says Stamp bow die in case you have a die cutter). As I don’t own a die cutter I decided to have a quick search in the Silhouette store to see if they had something similar, and they did!

Card no1 requested: a 50th birthday card for someone who likes to keep fit and eat Jammy Dodgers

I wasn’t entirely convinced I would be able to complete a card incorporating both facets of their personalty so I decided to let the Silhouette store decide. After searching for fitness, exercise, biscuit and cookie cutting files I saw one entitled ‘Christmas cookies’ and found something suspiciously like a Jammy Dodger and so decided to make that the main theme of the card. Along with a bow, of course.


I’m really happy with how this has turned out. It’s simple, clean and cute. The font on the 5 is just Arial Black and the dotty background is from the Do Crafts Papermania Spots and Stripes Pastel paper pack. I think I’ll be making some more of these for the shopsans yummy biscuits.

Card no2 requested: a 60th birthday card

With no indicators as to the personality of the recipient I decided to hone a style I’ve been trying to perfect for a few months now: making a card look like a present/a present as the focal point of the card. Yes, it was another excuse to use a bow!

Apologies for the blurryness. Decided to dig out my digital camera and try taking pictures with that. Sadly I think I’ll be going back to my iPhone for now.

Another simple card. The peach from my American Crafts paper pack is a lovely neutral colour I think, perfect for the age group here. I very rarely use white in my cards but peach is such a difficult colour to match things to it was the safe option for the bow and ribbon. I was then really stuck as to what colour to make the 60. I tried another peachy colour but it just got lost in the background. I sifted through my stash and narrowed it down to a metallic white card or silver. Silver won. In part because I’d found some silver glitter sentiments that I could finish the card off nicely with. However I didn’t want to spoil the cleanness of the card and so did something I don’t normally – I put something inside the card – a silver glittery ‘happy birthday’ which would not show up properly on the camera.

I love this card. But as I was perusing her shop whilst making this post I’ve realised I’ve completely accidentally plagarised one of Little Paper Stand’s designs, and so sadly will just be keeping this template for personal use only.

What do you think? Are paper bows a good substitute for ribbon?

Em x

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