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My week #3

Week three of 2014 is over already!

I ended up having a pretty eventful week this week despite me being off work so it’s looking fuller than I thought it would. I was completely rubbish at going to the gym or keeping to any of my other resolutions so it really was a week off in every respect. Very bad me. Tomorrow is the start of a new week though and I’m just going to get back on it!

IMG_1824I like the overall look of it but it’s a bit of a mish mash. The pink tape at the bottom is Scotch tape and it was very transparent so then I ended up doing two layers of it which just made it look messy. The Cath Kidston style tape is from Sainsburys and I was disappointed it was more orange than pink.  As I wasn’t going to the gym but seemingly walking every day I made a note of how much walking I did to kind of make myself feel better. We took an impromptu trip to London on Friday which was fun but tiring. It also meant that I didn’t quite achieve all of my weekly goals that I set myself, but I’m on holiday again in three weeks (I have lots to take before the end of the financial year) so I can fit it all in then I’m sure.

Other supplies used:

– Cath Kidston labels and stickers

– Plain washi from eBay

– My usual stamps and pens

– Persian Cat sticky notes from eBay (they stick better than it looks in the pic)

– All the other stickers are from various sets from Paperchase

Next week will hopefully be very productive (I have a lot to do owing to some exciting work developments) and will be filled with lots of gym trips!

How was your week?

Em x


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