January hauls

I’m aware it’s not the end of Jan yet but having just got back from an expensive time in London I need to not buy anything else this month so I figured I’d have a run down now of my recent planning purchases.


My ‘sale’ shopping

I didn’t really get into the sales this year but I did spot this set of Kirstie Allsop tapes 1/2 price from £8 in Clintons and was tempted.. until I saw the exact same thing in WHSmiths for around £3.50 and that was it’s normal price. Not cool, Clintons!


The because you can’t go into Paperchase and not leave without stickers purchase

Don’t really need to explain. Their woodland creatures range or whatever it’s called is ridiculously cute and I could have everything from it easily!


The surprising Ikea find

Washi? In Ikea? Why, yes! In fact that they had a neat little section devoted to new stationery! It was a little like Blott in that it was the same collection of items but just in different colourways. They had this set in three colourways in total. It was mainly notebooks and paperclips but it was of a better quality than the stationery they’ve done before. They also had gift wrapping supplies as part of the section, and this is where I found the washi. It would definitely have matched the wrapping paper I bought from Ikea this Christmas! It’s a really nice quality and very reasonably priced. I definitely think I’ll be picking some more up soon.


The London buys

Oh Muji how I love ye. It’s so sad living somewhere without one. I was quite restrained but I was happy with what I picked up. The tape is basically a sticky note on a roll which is a cute concept. Should come in handy when I really need to remind myself of something! The to do list is very smart, it’s a stickynote which will be perfect for sticking in my planner but it also comes as a notebook with a plastic cover so I think I can probably insert the back cover into one of the pockets in my planner so I can quickly scribble todo lists on the go (I love a good todo list). The magnets were in the sale for only £1. No idea what I’ll need them for but for so cheap for a cute design I couldn’t resist.

IMG_1823These ridiculously cute page markers were found in a Japanese magazine store on sale for only £1. I can’t wait to use them!

I’ll be buying a car in the next few weeks so I’m pondering having Feb as a no buy month in order to save some cash. I’m wondering whether the way forward would be to do no-buys every other month… hmm actually not sure I could manage that really. Good idea though from a cost saving perspective.

Did you do any sale shopping in Jan?

Em x

4 thoughts on “January hauls

  1. Oh, I miss Paperchase so bad. We used to have them as part of Borders Books here in the states and I loved going through the inventory before customers as I set up the store 😛

    Love those stickers!

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