New No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation

I’ve been very loyal to my No 7 Instant Radiance foundation for over two years  now. Ever since the colour match machine came out in August 2011 (if I remember rightly) I’ve had it in Calico. 

I’ve flirted with most of the other ones but ruled them all out and always gone back to IR…

Stay Perfect: good coverage but far too cakey on my skin.

Lift and Luminate: great coverage but waaaay too oily.

Essentially Natural: a nice foundation, but not enough coverage and didn’t last all day on my skin.

The BB creams and tinted moisturisers: just didn’t last long enough to put in a  full day at work.

It’s quite clear I have a fussy face. I have quite large pores, oily skin and mild acne that can go dry in the winter months. It can also look quite dull (hence ultimately settling on the Instant Radiance.)

However my skin has (touch wood) been getting better in recent weeks/months and I don’t always need the medium coverage that IR provides and I’m acutely aware that an oil free foundation would be more appropriate for my blemish prone skin. I’ve also come to notice that my skin is feeling oilier and oilier come the end of the day. Not a good look. As I was nearing the end of my latest bottle I thought it was time for a change. I then saw the new Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation and got excited that I may have found an easy solution!


So, what is it?

Well, as the name suggests, it lasts all day (up to 24 hours it claims).

It’s light to medium coverage.

It’s oil free.

And it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing much make up.

Does it work?

It took a few days to get used to the drop in coverage but it did in fact last all day and didn’t leave my face looking oily enough to out-fry a local chippy. As yet I haven’t had that end of the day ‘oh my god I feel like I’m wearing so much make up I must take it off’ feeling so the superlight side of things seems to be living up to expectations.

While it claims to work best applied with fingers or a sponge I’ve been using my Real Techniques stippling brush as I much prefer the finish. It’s a nice foundation, the colour as always is spot on and I can see me repurchasing this again and again.

What’s your favourite foundation?

Em x

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