Going back to Graze boxes

I’m trying to be healthier in 2014. It’s becoming clear I can’t eat the amount of chocolate I used to and still stay thin. 

Evening snacks are tricky. Fruit doesn’t feel filling enough and everything else just seems unhealthy. Graze is a nice middle ground and I used to get weekly boxes two years ago as I liked the variety it gave (you basically get a few different things in each punnet). The problem ended up being that I seemed to get a lot of things I ended up not liking and thus wasting.

If you’re not familiar with how Graze works basically they have loads of snack selections and you get to rate them ‘don’t send’, ‘try, ‘like’, ‘love’ and each week they’ll send you four small punnets based on your ratings. Back when I was getting weekly boxes it was basically just selections of crackers, nuts, seeds and some sweet things. Now they’ve expanded to include afternoon tea, brownies and even porridge. This and the resolution for weight loss culminated in me signing back up again.

All of the items usually have two of the following benefits:

– one of your 5 a day

– under 150 calories

– under 100 calories

– a source of vitamins and minerals

– a source of fibre

– a ‘health star’ (I’m yet to really find out what one of those is)

Annoyingly, my first box back didn’t have any of the sexy new products. It was a selection of nuts, fruit, sweet things and crackers. Oh well.

Banofee pie

Banana coins, fudge, almonds and pecans. Tasty but the dried banana coins are a little odd. Under 150 cals though and a source of vitamins and minerals.

Pear Tatin

Pear, raspberry cranberries, yoghurt coated seeds and almonds. An interesting combo but again under 150 cals and a source of vitamins and minerals.

Honeycomb Crunch

Chocolate coated honeycomb, raisins and almonds. My favourite by far. More calories but fibre, vitamins and minerals make me feel a little better.

Olive and Rosemary Bruschetta. 

Olive croutons, rosemary and garlic cashews and tomato baguettes. Another interesting one but a nice enough snack. This one is a source of fibre and under 150 cals.

Overall, a good little box of goodies to keep me away from the chocolate. I’ll see how long this box lasts before ordering another as you can choose to either get weekly deliveries or one off boxes. I reckon one a fortnight will do me just fine and at £3.49 for four snacks it’s not the cheapest thing in the world.

They sent me a ‘friend code’ with my box so if you fancy signing up if you do it using this code you’ll get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free. EMMAL3FVB

Have you tried Graze?

Em x


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