My week #4

Another week and almost the end of January!

A quiet week really for me in terms of planner usage but there’s some exciting changes coming up for me! I’ve been offered a promotion and start my new job next Monday and with that I also need to buy a car. My planner from here on out should probably explode with all the things I need to do in the new job. I’ll have a lot more meetings and things so it’ll be even more important for me to keep up with my planner and keep it up to date… fingers crossed I still have time to decorate!

IMG_1855As you can see, I failed at both using my stamps and going to the gym more than once this week. I have no excuse whatsoever for missing the gym and will rectify this soon before I become a blob!

I like the theme although it is a bit bare for my liking – next week needs to be prettier/busier!

Items used:

– Cath Kidston washi (stars) and stickers

– Paperchase washi (polka dots and grid variety)

– 3d flower stickers from Paperchase

– Sainsburys sticky notes and butterfly stickers

– Plain washi from eBay

– Frixion pens

So, how was your week?

Em x


2 thoughts on “My week #4

    1. Haha thank you… I never was at uni or anything, I’ve had to make myself organised recently as I’m always doing about five different things at work!

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