FAST Shampoo and conditioner – final review

So, it’s been two months now!

As you probably saw in part two of my review/test I wasn’t overly impressed but I had vowed to persevere for at least another month. It was making my hair feel lovely but I wasn’t bowled over in terms of the growth I was getting.

And now?

I won’t be buying it again.

So it made my hair feel nice initially; but after around 6 weeks of usage I think I had a massive issue with product buildup. My hair just started to feel quite knotty and in need of a good cut which when I went back to my trusty L’oreal Everpure was completely reversed.

Yes, my hair probably does need a good cut. However, I still wasn’t seeing any noticeable results in terms of the length of my hair. At all. Putting the two issues together I’d pretty much agreed with myself that I wouldn’t be buying anymore.


I then found a 20% off haircare voucher and I was tempted. For 20% it might be worth another month, just to be sure? As I was shopping I thought I’d just swing by the aisle it’s kept and just see if they had it in stock… and then I saw the price. It had gone up. To £29.99. That’s a 20% increase! I chuckled to myself, said ‘sod that’ and picked up some John Frieda Full Repair which I’ve been meaning to try for a while.

So I really wanted to love this. I really wanted it to work. Alas, it just didn’t for me. It hasn’t put me off hair growth treatments altogether though so watch this space, there’s another I have my eye on!

Have you tried any hair growth products? What would you recommend?

Em x

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