January Review

As part of my attempts to actually stick to my resolutions this year I’m going to post quick monthly updates that will hopefully keep me in check and on target. Hopefully these will be enjoyable to read as well as useful for me!

January was a pretty good month. Ed and I celebrated two years together, we took a little trip to London to spend the weekend as tourists, I ordered a car and had some very exciting work news! I don’t however feel I’ve been as good/disciplined as I could have been…

Health and beauty

This is the area I’ve given myself the most to do and instead of going through each resolution, I’ll just serve up the highlights:

What went well: The whole taking my vitamins, drinking water and taking better care of my face was pretty consistent throughout the month though as yet I can’t say I’m seeing a difference in my poor acne.

What didn’t go so well: I’m still not being proactive with getting rid of these stretch marks and keeping my skin moisturised. The gym/exercise side of things was a big fat fail this month too. I went the gym once and worked out at home once. This will be rectified next month without fail.


This is harder to quantify as I didn’t really set myself goals per se. While I’m happy I’ve kept up with my blog and using my planner, I’d say overall I’ve allowed life to get in the way a little bit and not used my time at home effectively enough. Too much vegging out and not enough pursuing hobbies (or fitness!) or an empty laundry basket.


So this one has probably been the biggest change for me, but through little to no work myself in a way. I’m also going to use this as part of the reason (*cough* excuse) for my lack of focus towards the end of the month. I was offered (and took) a promotion this month! I start in February and I’m very excited. While it’ll be a bigger job with a whole heap of new challenges, I was ready for something new and it gave me a reason to buy a car. With a car (and a job where the latest I’ll leave each day will be 6pm, rather than 8.30pm) I have ZERO reason to skip the gym, as I can drive straight there from work.

How was your January?

Em x

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