My week #5

Another week with a calendar page in the middle.

Huge amount of tape on the monthly planner thanks to a change to my holiday!
You'd think I'd had a quiet week to look at my planner...
You’d think I’d had a quiet week to look at my planner…

I like the left hand side although there’s not a lot to it. The right side is too much of a mish mash (I really wanted to use my new Ikea black washi and then realised I had very little complementary items to go with it). I keep adapting how I track my blogging, this current method of just putting the title on the day it’s scheduled and having a separate to do list of posts elsewhere seems to be working currently. Splitting my weekdays in the middle, half for my lists and the other half for every else has served me well over the last five weeks and I think I’ll probably continue it for the foreseeable future. One thing that does seem to hamper me though is I keep forgetting to carry proper post its for things that crop up but aren’t set to a specific day so I find I’m jotting down little notes other places and then transferring them into my planner in the evening or just forgetting to write it up at all which is leaving me not tracking things properly. I think I need to reorganise my pencil case and get some post its in there!

Other items used:

– Purple stripey washi tape (no memory of where it came from sadly)

– Bow and polka dot paper tape from Paperchase

– Plain thin washi from eBay

– Sweets, owls, hearts and monster stickers, all  from Paperchase

– Butterfly stickers from Sainsburys

– Tag sticky note by My Stationery (found at Clintons)

– Animal sticky from eBay

– Frixion pens

This was the last week in my current job and so while it was super busy you’d never know as I wasn’t really left with that much time to plan! I’ll be better next week I promise! 😉

How was your week?

Em x

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