My last eBay splurge…

So Feb is no-buy month for me but before that came into effect I had a little (slightly alcohol induced) splurge on eBay. As I like sharing my inability to save money here is what I bought…

IMG_1857So none of it I needed. But half of it I saw in London, took one look at the price, said ‘I can get that for so much cheaper on eBay’ and put it back down. The other half was just a see it and want it kinda thing.

I have no idea what I’m going to use the Rilakkuma lanyard for, possibly work. Either that or to keep my new car keys on so I don’t lose them. Either way, for £2 and free p&p I had no reason not to buy!

The stickies were some I’d seen previously and at 99p each (again free delivery) I decided to add to my collection. The blue ones also have an extra back cover the like the sea creatures ones I bought last year so they can be kept in my planner.

The washi was £1.02 and was bought for no other reason than I wanted to get on the chevron bandwagon! I’ve seen loads of cute planners and cards with chevron designs and I was feeling left out. Stay tuned for some chevron greetings cards coming soon!

The stickers were my favourite and one of the items I’d seen overpriced in London.

IMG_1860Six sheets for £2.50! I’d seen these everywhere and just had to have then. They’re adorable and such a good quality too.

The best part about all these items? They came so quickly! Literally a week later they had arrived from China which is a record for me. It did however mean I hadn’t forgotten about them and thus didn’t receive a welcome surprise when they finally popped through the letterbox 4 weeks later.

Not a bad little haul for only £7.50. Seriously, what did we do before eBay??

What have you been buying recently?

Em x


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