Chevron Valentines card

I said I’d get in on the chevron act and I finally did, just in time for Valentines! (Not that me and the other half do Valentines, but it was still fun the make the cards).

Not content with jumping on the chevron bandwagon, I decided to also try my hand with a bit of ombre. Mixing colours isn’t my strong point if I’m honest, so just picking different shades of the same colour from my big pack of cardstock was far easier. I went for a peachy pink range of colours. A colourway that could be flexible enough to either be perfect for Valentines, or suitable for another occasion too depending on how the card panned out.

I started with a chevron heart that I cut in a deeper pink than the colours I’d already picked out.

Please excuse the dirty cutting mat! I'm not the neatest with glue!
Please excuse the dirty cutting mat! I’m not the neatest with glue!

I knew I wanted another simple card so I just cut out some simple chevrons in the three colours I’d picked out.

Then came the tricky part. I had in my head that I wanted the heart to go on top of the ombre chevrons but it just didn’t look right. It also would have left too much white card at the top of it (apologies, I don’t have pictures to demonstrate what I mean) so after playing around I settled on putting the heart at the top, a little askew, and adding a ‘love’ tag on top of it.

IMG_1871I liked it but wasn’t convinced by the sentiment so I got out my stamps and ink and decided to have a play:

IMG_1873This, I prefer. I think it just breaks up the large amount of white left on the card. I think I may make some more of these, but will probably dig out some black glitter sentiments I have instead and see how that goes… I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime these will probably end up in the shop as I don’t think they necessarily haveΒ to be a Valentines card and I’m interested to see if it’s a popular style. Please take a look πŸ™‚

What do you think of the cards?

Em x


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