Another chevron card

You know me by now, I get an idea I like and I run with it for a little while (bows, anyone?) so I decided to combine my new love of chevrons with my lovely new Happy Days papers.

Apologies for the bad light, it’s pretty grim here today!

So this was based on something I’d seen in a magazine but with a different selection of embellishments instead of just one big flower. There were so many cute papers from the pack that picking out three was probably the difficult bit. The flower design is my favourite and very Cath Kidston-esque and I liked mixing the three patterns together for a pretty neat effect (in my opinion anyway). I made a boo boo with the sentiments initially as I stamped them way too far over to the left of the flag so they had to be redone. The buttons are from the Vintage Notes range from Do Crafts so they’re all different. Putting some cotton through the holes was just done on a whim but I think it works, I may do it more often when I’m using buttons.


I cut out a few different sizes of the scalloped circles as I wasn’t sure how big I wanted the flower to be so I was left over with a few smaller pieces. Because I hate waste I decided to make a more delicate version of the card – thinner chevrons, smaller flower, no cotton. I think I may prefer this more? There’s something about using white card blanks that make me want to go quite small and simple with my designs.

Anyway, that’s some of the new paperstock. Next I may attempt using those paper flowers but my cardmaking inspiration at the minute is a little depleted (I get like this sometimes). It may be a morning browsing Pinterest for me! In the meantime, these cards are up in the shop now, please check it out if you’ve got time. I recently got my first orders which was crazy exciting!

What do you think of the cards? Do you prefer the smaller one?

Em x

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