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Another little splurge and trying to store washi…

So I may have slipped again with the ‘no-buy’ but again it was with good reason (in my eyes anyway).

I was making my cute Happy Days cards with my cheap paper pack from The Works and Ed suggested I should probably get some more since it was such a good bargain. I then decided to look to see if they had a website you could order from (as I knew they didn’t have the paper in my local store) and they did! If you spent £10 you got free delivery and they had the Happy Days paper in stock. Well that was all the enabling I needed really…


I got all this for just £11! The paper pack was the same as the outlet (I knew that outlet store wasn’t actually any cheaper!). The die cuts, scissors and silver card were all just 99p each and the Country Companions paper pack (I have some of the decopage or sentiments to match somewhere) was just £1.99. The silver glitter card didn’t really come out how I wanted it to – it’s more a shimmer than full on glitter – but in all I’m pretty happy with my further The Works bargains. I’m beginning to like that place more than Hobbycraft for craft stuff!

Washi tape storage

My washi collection just keeps growing and thanks to my planner I keep using it more and more and finding a great way of storing it that makes it easily accessible is proving tricky. The latest way I was storing it was a Birchbox but it looked a bit dull on my desk. I’d been wanting a Skurar plant pot/tealight holder for a while but was struggling to find a use for one and then during a wander round Ikea the other day I had a lightbulb moment – use one for washi!


Okay so getting the washi at the bottom of the pot will be tricky but I’ve stacked it in order of how often I use the tapes so it shouldn’t be too much of a faff and just look how pretty it looks! It makes the perfect addition to my desk! Yes yes, I’ll admit it, I’m all about style over practicality *shame face*.

How do you store your washi?

Em x

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