My week #8

Another week, another use of my favourite Kirstie Allsop washi…

IMG_1944First week back at work after my holiday and lots to do, although you wouldn’t think it to look at my planner. I seem to go through weeks where I use it religiously and weeks where I start off planning my week just fine and then as I get busier it all just goes astray. One thing that is still bugging me about this planner after 2 months of use is that the paper could stand to be thicker/higher quality. You can see the indents at the top of each page from the paperclips that were on there and the pages are fairly transparent too. On Saturday/Sunday you can actually see next week’s washi. While it’s not enough to put me off the whole planner, it’s something that may make me think twice before a repurchase happens later in the year.

Anyway, onto what I used for this minimalist week:

– Kirstie Allsop washi tape.

– Plain washi, rabbit stickie and little cat sticker all from Ebay.

– Chick sticker from a Country Companions sticker sheet, by Do Crafts.

– Pilot Frixions and Sharpies

So, a busy/plain week this week. I’m sure i’ll be back to my decorative best next week.

How was your week?

Em x

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