Beatrix Potter Card

A few months ago I bought some Crafter’s Companion Beatrix Potter paper, decopage and gems and never really got round to using them thanks to Christmas crafting taking over.

I figured a Peter Rabbit card would be the ideal kind of card to have a go with my new paper flowers as it’ll no doubt end up traditional in style. I found a template I liked, similar to one I’ve used before and set about excitedly opening the paper pack and decopage (yes, I hadn’t even opened it, it just all got shoved in a drawer for three months).

I was really disappointed with the papers.ย ย There were a couple of pretty Peter Rabbit designs, some nice simply patterned designs, a couple of decent sentiment sheets, and a few others that were nice but probably not ones I’d use. There were then some frankly odd papers that just seemed really badly printed with an odd design – one of them even looked pixelated!

Difficult to show on camera, but you can at least see the odd patterns...
Difficult to show on camera, but you can at least see the odd patterns…

After staring at the pages for a while, disheartened, I picked out a few papers and realised that very few of them seemed to go together. One of the Peter Rabbit papers went nicely with a checked paper but other than that it really felt like a mish mash. It seemed like the designer just kind of created lots of papers they liked, with no real thought to building complete projects with them. I then had to dig out some First Edition papers just to get a complementary paper to the background one I’d chosen.

Next, picking the decoupage and a little more disappointment. There were no Peter Rabbit decoupage designs. Nor Benjamin Bunny. How strange! I therefore begrudgingly picked out a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and set about constructing the card.

Attack of the bad light again!
Attack of the bad light again!

The gems were from the same collection and the ‘sent with love’ sentiment was just cut out (I hate doing freehand cuts with scissors, I don’t have a steady hand) from the paper pack. The flowers definitely complete the card, it just looked a little bare without them – I definitely think I’ll be buying some more of these.

This was one of those cards I didn’t enjoy putting together, but in the end I was very happy with the finished article. It seemed to come together well eventually. I don’t think this will end up in the shop;ย I reckon given the subject matter it could make a nice Mother’s Day card. What I do know is I’ve been put off buying Crafter’s Companion. The quality of this range is a massive disappointment and it’s such a shame – Peter Rabbit was my favourite as a child!

Have you used Crafter’s Companion before? How was the quality?

Em x

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