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Feb no buy – how did it go?

So after laying down the gauntlet at the end of last month I thought I’d give a little update.

Um, it didn’t go that well.

I think I probably spent more than I did in Jan. Oops.

In my defence, I did a lot in the last month. Between weekends away, milestone birthdays and petrol costs I didn’t really have a chance. I will admit I slipped up when it came to my craft shopping too, but last month was the month I got my crafty inspiration back and so naturally I had to buy more things to make cards with.

The rules/how I did:

– No stationery purchases: I really did cut down on this and during the month probably only spent less than a tenner. 

– No make up purchases: Success!

– No toiletries purchases unless replacing something I have run out of and I don’t have an alternative in my stash to use up: Success!

– A weekly budget that I must keep to: Didn’t happen. At all.

– Make lunches for work where I can (i.e. days without meetings): Happened 90% of the time.

– Take coffee/tea bags instead of spending £3 a time in Costa: I didn’t take coffee/tea bags but I did only hit Costa a handful of times.

So actually, most of what I set out to do I did, it was just the other stuff throughout the month that really cost me money. I also didn’t dictate things like eating out, which I spent a fortune on (though had I given myself a budget I guess it would have been covered under that). I’m therefore going to amend what I do this month. Instead of a no buy with a list of rules I’m just going to give myself a budget and stick to it so I’m free to buy what I like, as long as I have some money left.

I will report back in a month – wish me luck!

No buy vs budget, what do you prefer?

Em x

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