Hobbycraft Sale Shopping

So now I have a car I can get around town to my favourite shops a lot easier. And if you’re not spending £10 in taxis, you can just spend more money in the shop, right?

Last week Ed and I decided to have a drive around for the day, just to get out of the house and one of the places we ended up was Hobbycraft. I hadn’t been in a while, not since I had to complain about the place, so I thought as I was in the area I’d pop in and see if it had improved at all recently.

Thankfully, it looks like they’ve got their prices issues sorted in that for a change everything had a price and what I bought went through the till correctly. They still seem to have availability issues though – the aisle for embellishments that has those horrible plastic spinners was once again half empty. Also, their Do Crafts aisle really baffled me. All their latest collections (Sew Lovely and Parisienne Blue for example) had all been reduced despite the fact they’re all brand new. Now, I understand why they’ve probably done it – the new collections will be coming out this month – but to me it just seems a waste to only have them in store at full price for around 6 weeks. You might wonder why I’m effectively complaining about getting a bargain. I’m complaining because there was only half of it left! So if you’d only recently bought the Do Crafts magazine and wanted to get one of the ranges from there, you’d be disappointed as you’re probably only going to find around half the stuff you wanted.

My biggest annoyance though, was actually where I ended up spending the most of my money, bizarrely. The clearance section. They had a couple of these dotted around and I would honestly love to know who’s decision it is at Hobbycraft’s head office to do clearance in this way. They were bright red boxes the size of each shelf stuffed full with all the clearance. There appeared to be little or no order to it and you had to rummage around in the boxes to find what you wanted. It looked like a pound shop. In fact actually, that is insulting to pound shops as most of them look pretty good now. Not only did you have to search through the boxes, but because everyone else had to do the same lots of the products were damaged. How much money they must lose through damaged items I dread to think. Coupled with the fact that most people won’t even bother to look through such a badly organised clearance section and how many sales they’ll be losing as a result I do wonder whether they’re actually making any money. In addition to all this I found all their washi tape in there (looks like they’re stopping doing it) marked up at £2.99! Now forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m 99% certain that is either the same price or more expensive (as it was always on 3 for 2) that it was when it was ‘full price’! Funnily enough, I didn’t buy any of that!

Okay. Phew. Rant over. Can you tell I run a shop for a living??

On to what I bought…

IMG_1952I was quite reserved and actually only spent a total of £7.04. Given how annoyed I was with the place you’d think I wouldn’t buy anything, but I can’t resist a bargain.

Lillibet paper flowers: sale price £1.50. After my first play with paper flowers and really liking them I can see me stocking up on these wherever I go and with 16 blue and cream flowers for only £1.50 this was too good to pass up.

Lillibet resin floweres: sale price £2.24. I already have some of these in other colours and haven’t really used them but for 14p each I thought it was definitely worth adding to the collection. Maybe it’ll get me inspired to get them on my next lot of cards.

Habico Paper Rose pack: sale price £1. So these were my first foray in paper flowers and seeing them again for cheaper than the first lot I bought was a no brainer.

Silver sentiments: sale price 50p each. I can always find a use for sparkly sentiments. Especially for ones so cheap too.

White sentiments: thinking of you 80p and good luck sale price 50p. I already have the happy birthday ones of these and they’re just nice to finish off a card with if you don’t want a huge sentiment being your focal point.

All in all, not a bad little trip but given the choice, I’ll still go to The Range instead.

What do you think of your local Hobbycraft?

Em x

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