Northern craft shopping

The other weekend I went Oop Norf for the weekend to see family and was able to check out some local craft shops while I was there.

I’m sure I’ve spoken before of my anger of living in MK where there are very few independent craft shops that aren’t the size of a thimble. Even at my new job I checked out the local shops and only managed to find one craft shop and even then it was a bit odd.. a real mish mash of stuff and a photocopier in the middle of it. It seemed to be part office stationery part craft. No purchases were made funnily enough.

Anyway, I digress. On the Saturday we set off in the car to do some hobby shopping and while excited with what we found it once again made me sad that there’s nowhere like it where I live.

Ladygreen Garden Centre

A craft shop in a garden centre. I love that strange mix. It was a great little shop with a fantastic selection and if you’re ever in the Liverpool/Southport area go check it out (the cafe in the garden centre is tasty, too). It had lots of Do Crafts items (newest collections too), plenty of dies and a fantastic selection of card blanks and envelopes. I didn’t go too mad here thanks to my no buy, just picking up some expandable envelopes that I needed for my bow cards and some cute washi. They had a small selection of some unusual washi that I really liked but couldn’t think of when I would use them. I therefore just picked up this for future mens cards:

IMG_1956The unbranded products were good value, this for instance was only Β£1. The branded products were pretty much RRP. Overall this was a nice little shop, with great choice (not just for cardmaking) and decent prices.

Crafty’s Liverpool

They claim to be Liverpool’s number one craft shop and I wasn’t disappointed actually. Not much in the way of branded products but again a great selection of products. They had pretty much a whole wall of paper flowers, buttons, ribbon flowers etc and lots of decopage sheets for those into that. It also had a separate room dedicated to card and paper stock though nothing really caught my eye in there. Again I was quite restrained and didn’t come away with too much:

IMG_1954Once again with the paper flowers. It’s all I seem interested in buying at the moment! I’m sure next month there’ll be something else I’ll get obsessed over making cards with. There’s a slight sheen to some of the petals that I can’t tell whether it’s intentional or just glue but either way these are very pretty and a nice addition to the ever growing collection. The 49p cards couldn’t be sniffed at really. I don’t really use coloured card blanks so these will be good to experiment with. They say slight seconds but it’s nothing that a bit of sandpaper can’t sort out. Bargain!

Again, overall a nice little shop to pick up random bits in and one I would go to again or order online from.

What are you favourite local craft shops?

Em x

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