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So the blog has taken a decidedly crafty turn of late. More specifically, me showing all the money I’ve blown on supplies.

Another day, another haul and another chance to semi-review craft shops. Ed and I had the day off together and decided to drive around Beds/Bucks hitting up hobby stores we’d never been to before. His were kind of a disappointment but I was pretty happy with where I ended up.

The Stationery Boutique – Ampthill

Not a cardmaking store, just a nice stationery/gifty shop of the kind you’ll find dotted all over the UK. I’d found out about it on good old Facebook and had to check it out. It’s a great shop for presents for females and for stocking up on planning supplies. I was quite restrained and didn’t pick up too much here (as to be honest, I’ve probably got enough planning supplies to last me the year).

IMG_4131The pink striped tape I nearly bought on ebay the other day but glad I waited as I’d rather support independent stores. It was £1.95 and seems a really good quality. The mum tape is East of India and was £3. I had to have it as it’s so cute and I’m struggling to find nice ‘Mother’s Day’ sentiments for my cards this year.

Loobi Crafts – Leighton Buzzard

I nearly walked straight past this place! It’s tucked down a little alleyway just off the high street but I’m so glad I found it. It’s small but has so much stuff in there. You’ve gotta do some hunting like with a lot of independents, in that there’s always more than one product on each hook/shelf but they have an amazing selection and the prices are either standard or a little cheaper. I could’ve bought so much more in there and will be tempted to after my birthday or something but I was looking for Mother’s Day items – specifically things to make a card someone had ordered.

IMG_4133Okay so the stamps were not for Mother’s Day but for £2.20 I thought they’d come in handy. The flowers weren’t cheap – the big pack £4.80 and the small one £2.99 but the woman behind the till was very helpful and took me through making my own which I will attempt maybe in my week off. The ribbon was only £1!

IMG_4136The idea/order for the card is basically a die cut vase with paper flowers coming out of it. The ribbon is intended to go around the vase and then it’ll be finished off somehow with ‘mum’.

The Range

Finally we hit The Range. I’ve spoken before how much I prefer this place to Hobbycraft and I got a decent amount of goodies today.

IMG_4140Apologies, not a great picture of this little lot! More paper flowers! But they were only £1 so it would have been rude not to. I loved the Curiosity Corner tapes too and they were very similar to some others I nearly bought on Ebay and again, for only £2.49 it was a no brainer. The other tapes – in the Papermania Madame Payraud range – were also only £2.99 so I think I got a bit of a bargain there. The die cuts were just because they were cute (sadly no Mother’s Day ones in there) and I’ve already got some of the papers and decopage from the range as they came free with the latest issue of DoCrafts Creativity. Finally, the glitterations are a potential way to get ‘mum’ on my Mother’s Day cards.

What do you think? Not a bad little haul for around £30?

Em x

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