Mother’s Day Vase Card

While I was still trying to figure out my next Mother’s Day card design I got a request for two cards from someone. Turns out the Beatrix Potter one from a couple of weeks ago was perfect for card number one but for card two I needed a new design.

The brief I got for the card was ‘something traditional, with lots of flowers’. I got into my head that a vase with ribbon round the outside, holding flowers would look cute and set to work trying to pick a colour scheme etc. I picked up the items that I thought I might need (in my last haul post) and sat down to put it all together.

mum card

I really like how this turned out. The background paper is of course First Edition (do I use anything else anymore?) from their Blank Canvas paper pad. I made the vase myself in the Silhouette software and cut out a pretty frame for the vase to go in. When I was putting together the idea of how I wanted the card to look I had the flowers just in the bunch they came in on the card and really liked how they looked, quite rounded rather than flat to the page and so basically just glued them to card how they came, in one bunch. The special mum washi I’d bought originally was going to run along the bottom of the card but it didn’t look right so I just backed some of it with cream cardstock to create a topper. It was looking a little empty on either side so I thought i’d add a few adhesive pearls either side just to finish it off.

My biggest issue with this card was to come. No envelopes fit due to the paper flowers not being flat to the card. After playing with making my own expandable envelopes I found a cut file for a box envelope in the Silhouette store and went with that which worked out great. That was a pretty annoying oversight on my part and something I’ll remember in future.

What do you think?

Em x

P.S. to check out more of/buy my cards, check out my Etsy shop!

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