More Mother’s Day Cards

So just before the actual day, I thought I’d post the last cards I made this year.

I managed to come across the new With Love From Me to You range and loved the Mother’s Day related items and picked up the cute stamp set. Finally, some great Mother’s Day stamps! So now I finally had the stamps I’d been looking for [what seemed like] ages for I set about making some simple, pretty cards.

IMG_1989First Edition Blank Canvas was once again my papers of choice. I picked out a nice flowery paper as my background with two more plain complementary papers to go with it. I then cut a scalloped circle and rectangle out of them, along with a cream circle to stamp on. I added some crochet ribbon to make it a little less plain, added some similarly coloured flowers and then completed the card with a stamp inside (from the same set):

insideI then decided to do another one with a  bit more colour to it.IMG_1994In all honesty, I think there could have been a better way to arrange the panels on this card, but I do still like it. I really like these cards and it’s a template I’ll probably use again. I’m beginning to really enjoy using those paper flowers, so expect to see more of them!

What do you think?

Em x

P.S. want to see more/buy my cards? Check out my Etsy shop!


8 thoughts on “More Mother’s Day Cards

    1. By the way, I have tried to access your Etsy shop page and it keeps saying that the page can not be found. I clicked on the tab at the top and the link in this post and I keep getting the same message.

      1. Hello Em ~

        The link did work this time. I have no idea why it wasn’t working before. I love all of your cards with the 3D Bow on it.They are certainly lovely. Unfortunately I noticed that you only serve the UK and I live in the US. Nevertheless, you have a lot of quality great cards go! Wish you the best for your business, God Bless 🙂

      2. I think it might have been a lack of http:// in the links that did it. Very odd. Thank you very much! It’s nice to get feedback on the cards. The only reason that I don’t list that I ship internationally is that I fear the cost of the postage would probably outweigh the cost of the cards themselves. If you let me know any specific ones you’d like I’d be happy to investigate the shipping costs for you and let you know. Thanks again 🙂

      3. Hello! Just to let you know I now ship from my shop internationally if you still liked some of my cards…

      4. Hi Em, Thank you very much for letting me know. I’ll have to stop by one of these days and take a look. Hope all is going well 🙂

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