I’m starting to really love Sainsbury’s stationery collections…

I’ve posted before about cute items I’ve picked up from my local Sainsbury’s before and when I went last time I was happy to see they’ve given the stationery section a little facelift, adding some better fixtures to give their collections a slightly more ‘upmarket’ feel.

Instead of just dabbling in cute stationery like it seems they have done in the past they’ve now devoted whole bays to complete collections: washi, sticky notes, push pins, labels and the usual notepads and pens all in one consistent style. They seem to only have two collections at my local, one girlie, one more masculine, and I couldn’t see any online so that might just be it.

Anyway, onto the few bits I bought:

SainsburysThe washi I nearly bought a couple of weeks ago but since they had the lovely post its (which I knew from previous purchases stick really well from Sainsburys) to go with this time I had to have them. The post its were £1.99 and the washi £2.99 which I thought was really reasonable. The labels/stickers were £2.99 which for the amount you get (5 lots of the same 17 stickers of varying size) was probably not as great value but they were too cute to pass up! There’s everything from tiny round stickers to flags and larger labels that you can write notes on.

This range is called Memory Lane and as I said above there are a huge amount of items in this theme, even right down to magazine files (although they were around £4 so not the cheapest). I know with Sainsbury’s that it’s a good quality product – their washi is actually washi for example, not ‘paper tape’ like you get at Paperchase at the moment and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their next collections (or when the rest of this one goes on sale!).

What do you think of this cute range?

Em x

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