April Birchbox Review

Another Christmas present to myself in the form of this month’s Birchbox!

Even when I look on the website and spoil some of the contents for myself, the excitement of opening my box as soon as it comes is glorious!

So, what was in said box this month?IMG_4413A very make up heavy month this time with a cheek and lip balm, eye liner, nail colour, make up remover/all purpose wipes, body lotion and popcorn!

The make up

IMG_4418Thebalm Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Cream

Cheek and lip stains aren’t for me. They give me what I call ‘red wine lips’. I much prefer creams/balms. My favourite was one that looked like a chubby lipstick that I picked up Superdrug many years ago (and now can’t remember the name of). The colour was just perfect for my lips, although when used on my cheeks it did bring me out in spots. This cream looked cute and while it felt nice on my skin it just wasn’t my colour – either for cheeks or lips. I did also feel like it didn’t really last all that well. As I’m very loyal to my current lip and cheek colours (both No7 at the moment) it’s not something I’ll be trying in a different colour.

Lord and Berry Eye Pencil

This black pencil looks and feels good but as I don’t do eyeliner I didn’t get much further than swatching this. My one comment after swatching would be again that it’s staying power isn’t all that great. When I do wear eyeliner it has to be waterproof and smudgeproof (YSL for the win on this one) and sadly this didn’t stand up to the test.

Color Club Nail Colour

Again, really not my colour to look at but once on the nail it looks a lot less metallic than the bottle colour would have you think. It’s a nice mint green with a hint of metallic. Two thin coats will do you as it’s quite pigmented, but it does take a while to dry. Decent brush, but it doesn’t beat the wide brush of an Essie bottle (my fave) I’m afraid. This seems good value (£15 for 4) so if it came in single colours, this might be a brand I might try again.

The rest…

IMG_4422Campos De Ibiza Body Milk

The thing that really stood out for me when I used this product was how cheap the packaging looks! This looks just like a tube of Royal Jelly from M&S! Ick. Body Milk is a good name for this as it sure is runny but I guess you don’t want heavy moisturisers come spring/summer. It does as it says and sinks in quickly leaving a lovely smell afterwards. However, at £16.55 while it is cheaper than the Laura Mercier one from the other month I still find it overpriced sadly.

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

Like everyone I’m sure, I went through a Boots Essentials Cucumber Wipes stage and these do make me think of those! After moving onto No7 wipes a while after (hello £5 off voucher!) I then weaned myself off wipes completely as they don’t really do my skin any favours. These wipes thankfully don’t smell as strong as the other cucumber wipes, but there is a nice fresh scent to them. These did pretty good at removing my make up and leaving my face feeling clean. However, a few seconds after use I did notice a slightly warm (okay, burning) sensation on my usually not-very-sensitive face. After that died down it did feel slightly like there was residue left on my face, a feel that I’ve had before with some face wipes. These will be handy when travelling light but not for day to day use on my skin. This hasn’t put me off using any other items from the Yes To range though which I’ve seen recently in Boots – the tomato cleanser for acne prone skin has caught my eye in particular. Interesting tidbit: the Yes To Cucumbers range is actually for sensitive skin…

Propercorn Sweet Coconut and Vanilla

I love this range. They do very tasty popcorn that is slightly better for you than normal popcorn so you can feel a little less guilty eating it (depending on how much you eat, that is). This particular flavour was an interesting combo but not awful. It would make a nice change if you don’t want a snack that’s all that sweet.

So, overall thoughts. It was nice after rejigging my beauty profile to see a couple of different products although sadly I got a few items that really weren’t suitable for me at all but hey, Birchbox aren’t mind readers! There’s nothing in the box that I would rush out to go and buy sadly and for me that seems to be the test of whether it’s a good box or not. I’d like to try a few more items from the Yes To range and I already eat Propercorn anyway but that’s it really. I guess I would therefore categorise April as another ‘meh’ month. Shame.

What did you think of this month?

Em x

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