My favourite Boots Seventeen Items…

So something a little different today with a bit of a random rave review of sorts.

I used to think Seventeen was a brand for kids but in the past couple of years more and more of their products have made their way into my make up collection. Even now I couldn’t tell you what it was that started me on it but I’m at the point now where quite a few of my core everyday items are Seventeen. I thought as I’ve not really been trying many new beauty items lately I’d take you through my current Seventeen faves…


Okay, so this is a little mean of me as this product is sadly discontinued but I love this primer. It’s easily comparable to Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer. It glides on nicely, mimimises my pores, and helps my make up last all day. No idea why they discontinued it as Flawless Poreless and Stay Time do not do it for me at all.


So these are the only concealers in the range I’ve used and they’re fab. The stay time I use for under the eyes as it provides great long lasting coverage without caking. The Phwoarr paint I actually use on blemishes because I find it cakes under the eyes due to it’s thicky creamy consistency but it covers up my spots a treat! (Thanks to for that handy hint!)


Finally, my current wow mascara that I talked about in my review of the No7 Lash Impact mascara. I’ve been using this for ages and I love it. And for £6.29 it’s an absolute BARGAIN. It defines the lashes, lengthens them whilst keeping them looking natural and is smudge and waterproof – although it doesn’t advertise itself as that for some reason. Basically this and Lash Impact will be battling out for my attention for the foreseeable future.

Special Mention:

For their nail colour. It’s of a good quality, good pigment, it lasts and is cheap to boot. Their graffiti effect top coat is fab although it’s rather tricky to remove!

Have you tried any Seventeen products? What were your favourites?

Em x

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