Recent stationery hauls…

I’ve been on Ebay again. And Amazon. 

I didn’t really need anything, as usual, but picked up a few cute bits over the past couple of weeks…

IMG_4460It’s been all about pandas for me recently and these to do lists are a perfect planner size! They were probably my most expensive purchase, £2.75. Totally worth it though. The panda stickers (which were tricky to photograph, sorry) are puffy 3d and were £2.19. I was a little disappointed when they arrived though, some of the faces are a little odd looking… The sloths were only 99p but were also a disappointment/surprise as it was random what animal you got and there wasn’t actually a proper picture of this design on the listing so I was expecting something completely different.

washiI’m a sheep, I admit it. I couldn’t resist the cloud washi anymore! And you can never have enough chevron washi. This was all from one of my favourite washi Ebayers, Wangrea, and were priced from £1.01 to £1.29.

tape and stickiesThese were tricky to take pics of and the lighting wasn’t quite right. The tape I’d been looking at for a while and was only 99p which for 10 random rolls is pretty good. It’s shiny plastic, and you don’t get a huge amount on each roll but they’re ideal for a little extra decoration. The rabbit stickies were also 99p and are so cute!

PensThese were a random purchase after reading a rave review on a blog. £4.09 from Amazon and they write really nicely. Ideal from when I want a change from my Frixion pens. My only problem is the bleed through when I use them in my planner.

Have you added to your stationery collection lately?

Em x

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