Favourite Ojon Goodies

In my review of Bumble of Bumble last week I mentioned my love for Ojon.

I’ve been using Ojon for years – thanks to good old QVC introducing me to it – and after getting some Ojon freebies along with my Bumble and Bumble ones I thought I’d go through the current range in my bathroom. The main selling point of this brand is the Ojon oil that’s in all their products. After using a range of oils (Moroccan, Argan etc) in my quest for perfect hair, Ojon seems to be the one that has the biggest and best effect. I guess the biggest thing with Ojon though is the price and that’s probably been the main reason that I haven’t been consistently using their products over the years… because sometimes you just can’t justify spending £18 on a shampoo (plus I love hunting for a good dupe). But there are certain products that when I can splash a bit of cash on haircare, this is the brand I come back to.

A quick note about shampoos and conditioners:

So the two ranges I’ve used over the years; damage reverse and volume advance have always worked well on my hair but they can sometimes weigh my hair down (particularly the damage reverse range) and given the price point, I feel for the money, I get more out of their treatments than their shampoos. On a side note; my mother used to use volume advance for years until they changed the formula and now she’s a Phillip Kingsley convert.

Anyway, onto my current stash…

L-R Rare Blend Oil, Restorative Hair Treatment, Restorative Smoothing Glaze and Animated Styling Cream

Rare Blend Oil

This is a new item for me and was a freebie. It’s £30 to buy which sounds expensive, but oil always lasts absolutely ages so you’d definitely get your monies worth. I’m liking this so far as a replacement for my current hair oil and having not used it today I really feel the difference. I do think I’m not using enough though. The biggest reason for that is getting used to having to shake it and then get it out quickly – I feel like sometimes it’s not always shaken up enough and on the second pour it’s separated again. Does that sound silly? Anyway, I’ll keep working on it.

Restorative Hair Treatment

Everyone will probably have heard of this product at some point. Again, it’s not cheap, at £34 for 100ml. It’s got a very pungent aroma. I love it, but I’ve had it sat on my head before and had my flatmates comment on how smelly it is! It’s basically a mask that you comb through your hair, leave it for as long as you can and then wash it out. Big word of warning with this product: you really have to give it a good wash. I know that sounds a little odd; ‘why wouldn’t you wash it out well?’ but the first few times I used this I really underestimated how greasy a product it was and was left with rather grim looking hair the next day. However, when you’ve washed it fully out and dried it, you’ll notice the difference in your hair. It leaves mine feeling smooth (but not not silky silky smooth) and thicker and just generally healthier. If you only ever try one Ojon product, let it be this. P.S. for those that don’t like smelly products, they do do a ‘plus’ version, that almost has no scent to it.

Restorative Smoothing Glaze

While I was dragging Ed around all the Sephoras in Paris the other year I came across this and as I hadn’t tried it or seen it in the UK I bought it. It’s for use on damp hair before drying although I’m sure it could be used to tame flyaways after styling. The fact I’ve still got it 2 years later suggests I’m not in love with it. Rather than not loving it, it’s more because it’s one of those products you don’t need all the time. For me it tends to get pulled out on days my hair feels very dry and unmanageable which thankfully, isn’t all that often. This is cheaper than the other two products; I found it for around £20 on Amazon, which for the length of time I’ve had it, I would consider good value!

Animated Styling Cream

After a quick Google search I couldn’t actually find this available in the UK anymore. I think they’ve changed it to ‘Animated Volumizing Cream’ which is £20 for 125ml. This is a product I’ve had for absolutely years and again, isn’t brought out very often. It’s for separating hair and creating more texture and volume and with my current hairstyle it doesn’t really do anything for me; it just tends to weigh my hair down. It’s been great though when I’ve had shorter hair with lots more layers so if this sounds like your hair, I’d definitely give it a whirl.

Have you used Ojon before? Do you rate their products?

Em x

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