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Country Baskets, Leeds Visit

As part of my tour of UK craft shops, here’s my run down of Country Baskets in Leeds and my little haul.

I’ve been to CB a couple of times as my mum has been a member for years and while once upon a time you had to have some sort of business affiliation, anyone can become a member now. I just signed up to be a member after finding out there is a store fairly close to me in High Wycombe. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a a cash and carry of sorts, mainly for floristry, weddings and crafting. If you want a load of artificial flowers; this is the place to be. Their paper craft section was much improved on last time but the big winner for me was paper flowers, but I’ll get onto that later. There’s also a large range of decorative homewares and a small amount of furniture along with a small stationery section. Basically, a perfect shop for me to lose an hour or so in. If you’re all about your shopping environment though, this may not be the place for you. It’s in a lovely old warehouse building and basic is probably how I’d describe it, but for the prices that you pay for some of the things, I really don’t care. There’s two sets of prices; green prices (for your average Joe) and gold prices for those bona fide trade people.

So that’s the shop, what did I buy?

country basketsSo craft wise there’s a few good value Do Crafts products (the glue was only 89p) and lots of embellishments but sadly, they were largely from brands I wouldn’t normally buy from – Express Yourself DIY and Craft For Occasions for example. Basically, a few of the ranges they had were of a lower quality than I would normally use on my cards. There was definitely some overlap of items carried in The Range, like the washi tapes above. I couldn’t find them on The Range’s website though so I can’t say what the difference was price-wise but the tapes in CB were £1.19. A side note on these tapes; they’re not proper washi tapes as named in CB, they’re too smooth and shiny but still very pretty.

The labels were actually from the gardening section and they have fruit or a watering can on them but they’re cute and ideally sized for use in my planner. There are 100 labels in there which for £2.29 wasn’t too bad.

The biggest steal by far were the paper flowers at the top. As you can see, I couldn’t just have one bag and in fact I spent ages deciding which colours to have (when really I should have just bought one in each colour). These weren’t in the craft section – those were of a far worse quality – they were in the wedding section, along with a whole load of other larger ones. You get 6 bunches of 12 for £2.89 which is by far the cheapest I’ve found them so far. Guess what’s coming soon? More flower cards!

On the whole, not a bad little trip and now I know there’s one not far from me I know I’ll be going back for more flowers!

Have you ever been to a Country Baskets? Did you find it good value?

Em x

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