Recent Liz Earle purchases

Like Ojon, I’ve been using Liz Earle for years. Her hot cloth cleanser is by far the best out there (and trust me, I’ve tried most of them now). There’s just a feeling of nourishment your skin has afterwards that you don’t get with anything else and when my skin is feeling pretty crappy, it’s just what I need.

I got a full size Hot Cloth Cleanser when I signed up to Birchbox and was reminded of how much my skin was in need of more TLC than I was giving it. I spend so long trying to get rid of my acne that I forget to be nice to my skin instead of just attacking it. While back home in Leeds for a few days I ended up in the Liz Earle shop that last time I went into Leeds I couldn’t go to as it wasn’t yet open (sob). It’s such a lovely shop to shop in, and the staff are super friendly, if a little keen. I decided to get two products that I’ve had before and have sorely missed (the only place local to buy Liz Earle is John Lewis and I don’t like the John Lewis experience; it’s not as great as everyone makes out and I like to buy my premium skincare from people, not computer screens).

Liz EarleIntensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

Exactly the reason why I love Liz Earle. Nourishment. Chill with this on your face for 15 minutes and your skin will be your best friend for the rest of the week. Given I’m currently using prescription cream for my acne now is the perfect time to buy this mask as it’s for dry/stressed/tired skin. You don’t need a huge amount of this so a 50ml pack will last a good few weeks and at £14 it’s pretty good value (in my eyes). For an extra 75p you get a muslin cloth and a little cloth bag for it all to go in – ideal if, like me, your current muslin cloths are past their best.

Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion

My new job is rather stressful and this wonder product has been missing from my life. It’s got three simple uses: it can be used as an eye make up remover (light make up, that is), it can be swept over eyes first thing on a morning to wake them up a bit or you can soak some cotton wool pads in it and leave them on your eyes for 15 minutes to really give them a lift. It’s also suitable for contact lense wearers like me, which is a massive plus. £10.75 gets you 150ml and I can see this lasting me even longer than the mask (unless I have a really bad time at work the next few weeks!)

So that’s my new pamper routine sorted. Fifteen minutes of the mask and the eye bright will leave both my skin and eyes energised and ready for a busy week at work! I also got a freebie of a mini hot cloth cleanser and an extra muslin cloth – that’s my holiday cleansing sorted!

Have you used Liz Earle? What did you think?

Em x

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